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Shirene Chhabra

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

-Brain Herbert

Living by this quote, our alum Shirene Chhabra worked with the firm from 1985 to 1992 and from 1998 to 1999. Starting her journey as an accounts professional to becoming an expert patissier, her journey is filled with many wow moments.

Shirene inspires us to follow our dreams and explore new territories to become better versions of ourselves every single day. Read along as she shares the secrets that fuel her passion for learning.

Donning many hats

I have always been an inquisitive individual. Throughout my career I have continued my learning whether as an accounts professional or a teacher and now as a seasoned patisserie chef after winning a prestigious baking competition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Each of these roles has been equally challenging yet satisfying. I have evolved as a person and I am happier than ever.

Identify your passion

After a gratifying career in accounting and teaching, it was time for me to give wings to my passion for baking. This involved obtaining a diploma in pastry making from the Bakery Institute at Zaandam. The course was fantastic and challenging at the same time, the major challenge being that the language of instruction was Dutch. But my passion always took the lead and I was eventually able to complete the certification despite all barriers.

Identify your passions and fiercely follow them. It is in your greatest passions that you will truly discover your calling.

Never stop learning

From my stints in accounting, teaching and baking, I have learnt a great amount of planning and exceptional organisational skills. Your learnings translate from one role to another. Experiment a lot and widen your skill set. Remain curious and work hard. There are no shortcuts to achieve brilliant results.

Own your happiness

I have always followed my dreams and in return have experienced sheer happiness. This pursuit of happiness has made it easier for me to handle multiple roles.

Apart from your professional role, it is most important to keep your interests alive. It will not only help you lead a more content life, but may also become a dominant passion and lead you to a different path of fulfillment.

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