Let's change the way we see risk

Risk isn't about responding to change. It's about changing the way we see. Shifting our perspective. Considering different angles. To anticipate, be agile and build resilience.

Strong risk and resilience capabilities can be the difference between those that thrive and those that fight to survive.

The interconnectedness and velocity of risks has increased in recent years, and it now takes different approaches to see them, and the entire organisation to address them. In becoming more proactive in preparing and adapting to risks, you can become more resilient. With the right insight, you can mitigate and prepare for whatever change is ahead. Disruption will always exist. But through building resilience, you’ll have a strategic advantage and be better placed to respond to disruption in a seamless, coordinated and efficient manner.

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Should you change how you see this?

PwC helps you create a panoramic view of your unique risk landscape, so you can act boldly and purposefully

Organisations are facing an increasingly complex risk environment that requires a diverse range of internal and external experts, technology alliance partners, third party data owners and industry specialists to work together to provide a panoramic view of their unique risk landscape. Is your organisational ecosystem allowing you to bring a range of perspectives to the problem-solving table?

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Data science is increasingly used to identify meaningful risk data and create actionable, real-time risk intelligence. Are you considering how to leverage data to identify patterns, detect warning signals, and help lessen the impact of risk events?

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Technology embedded in many areas of the business can act as sensors and supply real-time data to guide future activities. Is your organisation applying techniques and tools which can help you anticipate risk and respond with agility?

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Using integrated risk and compliance systems enables higher reliability, efficiency and better decision making. Does your organisation have highly reliable systems in place to deliver the outcomes needed?

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Should CEOs think differently about risk?

Managing risk isn't about responding to change. It's about changing the way we see, shifting our perspective and considering different angles to anticipate and be agile.

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How we can help

We bring together teams of experts including PwC professionals, tech alliance partners, third-party data owners and clients. We actively work with you to make sense of data from multiple sources, internal and external, to identify meaningful risk signals and to form actionable, real-time risk intelligence. In doing so, we help you become more agile and resilient, better able to anticipate threats and take advantage of opportunity. Helping you build trust and deliver sustained outcomes. 

A community of solvers. Identifying real-time signals. Creating a panoramic view of your unique risk landscape. Let’s change how we see risk.

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PwC's Risk Capabilities

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Let's change the way we see risk

Managing risks in an organisation requires all hands to be on deck. It calls for CEO oversight, board-level accountability and a C-suite that is aligned. It is imperative that business leaders #RethinkRisk so that they can manage threats with agility and foresight, while staying on course to deliver sustained outcomes, create value and build trust.

Sivarama Krishnan, Partner & Leader - Risk Consulting, PwC India and Leader, APAC Cybersecurity & Privacy

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Sharp, actionable insights curated to help you gain a more panoramic and data-enabled view of risk. Learn how the risks that today’s leaders face are deeply interconnected, and why managing them will require unprecedented agility and cooperation.

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Sivarama Krishnan

Sivarama Krishnan

Partner & Leader - Risk Consulting and Leader Apac Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC India