Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity

International Women’s Day 2024

This International Women’s Day, we are looking beyond diversity – to emphasise how much #InclusionMatters to the experiences and outcomes of women at work. A workplace where women feel that they belong, are included in decision-making, and are treated fairly, equitably and with respect, is a workplace where women thrive.

Inclusion at work is a catalyst for women’s growth and advancement in every sector, and positions them more strongly to respond to key workforce developments. We are committed to accelerating progress on this by valuing the voices of women and adopting a strategic approach that emphasises inclusion.

Together, we are building an inclusive future.

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DivHersity Awards 2024

PwC India has been recognised in four categories at the DivHERsity awards by HerKey, which acknowledge the efforts of organisations that are taking significant steps to accelerate the role of women in the workforce:

  • Top5 Most Innovative Practices — DivHERsity Programs
  • Top20 Most Innovative Practices — Women Leadership Development
  • Top20 Most Innovative Practices — DivHERsity Policies
  • Top20 Companies in DivHERsity (Large Enterprises)
divhersity awards 2024

At PwC India, we are committed to fostering a culture that allows our people to be their authentic self, feel equitably supported in their careers and ensure they genuinely belong at PwC.

Our drivers for change

PwC’s purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems and extend their Inclusion focus to the external context in which they operate to positively impact social inclusion and be an accelerator for change both within and beyond PwC. To deliver this we focus on 5 global drivers for change; namely 5 critical areas of central focus to foster network direction and support.

Inclusion First Approach

Inclusion for us is an enabler and intrinsic to our core values and the culture. At PwC, we respect and value differences – it’s the diversity of our people and their unique perspectives that propels our strategy, The New Equation.

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Inclusion First Approach


Gender equality is at the forefront of our mission. We're committed to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for women to excel in their careers, ensuring that gender does not limit their potential.

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Gender - Inclusion and Diversity


We support a workplace where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other (LGBTQ+) solvers can bring their best selves to work and feel the full support of their PwC family. To foster this environment, we are working to grow LGBTQ+ equality and accelerate change, within PwC and in the wider world.

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LGBTQ+ - Inclusion and Diversity

Persons with Disabilities

We champion the abilities of all, regardless of physical or cognitive differences. Our commitment to disability inclusion means creating accessible workplaces and offering opportunities for individuals with disabilities to thrive.

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Gender - Inclusion and Diversity

Next Generation

Nurturing the next generation of talent is vital for our future. We're focused on empowering young professionals, providing them with the skills, mentorship, and opportunities needed to become leaders and change-makers in their fields.

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Gender - Inclusion and Diversity

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Anisha Minocha

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Chelsea Saldanha

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Nadisha Bhatia

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Ratnanjali Arora

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Manali Ghosh

Success spotlights

External recognition

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PwC India is listed in the 2023 & 2022 Avtar and Seramount 100 Best Companies for Women in India.

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PwC India won the DEI Excellence award under the ‘Culture’ category in FY24.

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PwC India has been recognised as a leader in diversity and inclusion practices by Jobsforher in 2024 the following categories:

  • Top 5 Most Innovative Practices – DivHERsity Programs
  • Top 20 Most Innovative Practices – Women Leadership Development
  • Top 20 Most Innovative Practices – DivHERsity Policies
  • Top 20 Companies in DivHERsity (Large Enterprises)

Thought leadership

Our leaders speak

  • Sanjeev Krishan, Chairman, PwC in India

    Meaningful success is not an outcome of the efforts of just one or a few, but a reflection of the impact we can create when many of us come together – the impact we are able to make by combining the individuality of our people, their diverse opinions, their evolving mindsets and their strengths. It is as much about providing our people with equal opportunities as it is about respecting and celebrating their differences – and realising the resulting power in doing so. This is our constant endeavour, and we are building an ecosystem where each of us has a strong sense of belonging and the freedom to be our authentic selves – an environment where we can learn from one another, challenge each other and create even more value together.

    Sanjeev Krishan, chairperson, PwC in India
  • Shveta Verma, Inclusion & Diversity leader

    Inclusion is the environment we foster within our teams – an environment of respect, empathy, no biases, awareness, acceptance, accountability, transparency, humility and honesty. Change begins with each of us, and daily actions create an impact. My philosophy is simple – ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’. When we create systems that enable this ecosystem and raise awareness so that people that demonstrate these behaviours, we will be able to build, attract and retain our diverse workforce.

    Shveta Verma, Inclusion & Diversity leader - India, Asia Pac
  • Padmaja Alaganandan, Chief People Officer

    Our workplace needs to be a reflection of our society and our client organisations, and having an inclusive culture that fosters diverse talent and views is a key focus for us. We value dialogue and diversity of viewpoints to promote a vibrant work culture and deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Hence, diversity for us goes beyond gender – we've committed to having a minimum of 40% women in all our teams by 2025 – and are also focusing on diversity in age, background, education and sexual orientation, among other dimensions. We are also looking at how we can leverage the diverse capabilities of differently abled talent on the physical and mental spectrum.

    Padmaja Alaganandan, Chief People Officer


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Inclusion and Diversity at PwC

To be a leading organisation for inclusion and belonging with our people, clients and external stakeholders, and a leading employee destination for diverse talent.

An accelerator for Inclusion and Diversity change, both within and beyond PwC, recognised for our distinguished community of diverse and inclusive solvers who build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

Inclusion and diversity at PwC - Vision

Enabling The New Equation – we will achieve this by enhancing the breadth and depth of the diversity of our solvers and developing the human skills that will enable us to value diversity and think, act and lead inclusively.

This will empower our community of solvers to come together in unexpected ways to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes while continuing to build a culture of belonging and equity for our community of solvers.

Inclusion and diversity at PwC - Mission

Strategy enables The New Equation by embedding Inclusion and Diversity within the firm’s culture, while being an Inclusion and Diversity change accelerator both within PwC and the wider societies in which we operate.

 We will achieve this by holding our leaders accountable for inclusion and diversity, continuing to build a culture of inclusion, equity, belonging and transparency, and being an external voice for change.

Inclusion and diversity at PwC - Strategy

Inclusion Networks

Shine Group

Shine — an inclusive business network for our LGBTQ+ community - is all about breaking down barriers of difference and connecting people.
Shine celebrates that we’re all unique, regardless of our sexuality, race, gender, religion or ability, and promotes an inclusive, diverse and respectful work environment.

It works to strengthen our presence in the LGBTQ+ community as the distinctive firm and employer of choice and to identify business development opportunities in the community at large.

Next Gen Forum

The NextGen Forum is a community of high-performing associates, senior associates, and managers. They are diverse in gender, grade, ethnicity, LoS, background and regions.

The forum gives members the golden opportunity to engage with and shape the firm’s business, clients, markets and Human Capital strategies and the decisions.

Cross Culture Network

CCN looks at problems from new angles to uncover solutions that deliver sustained outcomes & build trust in line with The New Equation.
By bringing together combinations of skills, experience and technology, The vision is to design and deliver a development program that will enable our people to deepen their cultural awareness and become advocates for cross cultural diversity in their local firms

PwC’s New Moms

At PwC, we want to provide the necessary resources to help retain and support all our new moms. Our value of “care” encourages us to create a community of support and guidance, and PwC’s new moms is a support group to help them prepare for theirr return back to work and to make their transition successful.

This is what our Employees have to say…

Why inclusion and diversity matters at PwC

Values and Purpose driven

Not only is a focus on Inclusion and Diversity the right thing to do, it also goes to the heart of our Values and Purpose. We can only solve the world’s most important problems with diverse teams and by fostering a culture of inclusion, trust and transparency (ESG), and we can only be viewed as purpose-led and values-driven by taking a visible stand on Inclusion and Diversity, and developing a leadership and workforce makeup that accurately reflects the societies in which we do business.

Creativity, innovation and transformation

Extensive research shows that the coming together of people of different backgrounds with different experiences is a key driver of creativity, collaboration and innovation.The impact of PwC’s business ambitions and the Future of Work mean it is simply critical that we have an agile, diverse and inclusive talent pool if we want to deliver on being a community of tech-enabled and human-led problem solvers who build trust and deliver sustained outcomes to our clients while also creating a culture of inclusion and belonging for our people.

Business performance

Substantial research shows that diversity brings many advantages to an organisation: increased profitability, stronger governance, better problem solving abilities, greater employee discretionary effort, and lower staff turnover. This combined with client and market expectations, namely the fact that we are seeing growing demand for global expertise combined with growing diversity expectations and engagement demands from our clients across the globe means we simply cannot afford to get this wrong. 

Employer of choice

Today’s talent seek employers who are both committed to and representative of Inclusion and Diversity. To attract and retain top talent this is an absolute for PwC. Furthermore, companies with more diverse and inclusive teams are shown to be better at building leaders, foster greater team commitment and have talent who feel more empowered. Having diversity of experience, skill and thought will provide us with a competitive edge and position us as the most relevant and trusted professional services firm. 

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