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PwC is a lifelong experience

At PwC, we are driven by our people, our employees whose dedication and commitment sets us apart and those who have over the years built a foundation on which we stand today – YOU, our alumni. We welcome you to join our Alumni family, stay connected with the firm and with one another, share your success stories and memories, strengthen your network and make meaningful relationships.

The PwC India Alumni Network helps you stay connected with your former colleagues and friends who have been an integral part of your journey here. We value your association with us, even after you move on from the firm. If you've been a part of the PwC network of firms in India, we invite you to register on our exclusive portal -- Alumni Hub.

PwC is a lifelong experience

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Alumni Spotlight

A significant number from our Alumni Network have gone above and beyond to achieve remarkable success in business and their personal lives. Coming from various backgrounds and having embarked on distinct paths in their careers and lives, these impressive individuals are reshaping the future. Explore the moving and motivating narratives of certain PwC Alumni.

If you or someone you know who used to be part of PwC India is out there making waves in the community or in business, we'd absolutely love to hear about it!

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Sanjay Dhawan

Amit Agarwal 

I used to serve an aviation client and everyone in the Delhi office called me “Helicopter” - I still wear that as a badge of honor.

Sanjay Dhawan

Sudhir Mathur

The skills and perspectives gained during my time at PwC have proven invaluable, strengthening my ability to think critically and strategically.

Joy Jain

A matter of great pride for me is that I got to conduct numerous assignments with the firm.

dummy profile

Sharmila Karve

You can take a person out of PwC but you can never take PwC out of a person.

dummy profile

Bharti Gupta Ramola

If you were to ask former colleagues to describe me, you are likely to get a mixed bag of a response.

Sanjay Dhawan

Sanjay Dhawan

Travel takes you away from your hectic work schedules which is an ideal way to rejuvenate oneself.

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The New Equation starts with passion. The passion from people like you. People who see things a little differently, and seek unexpected answers to some of the world’s toughest challenges. Unique individuals who are led by their own humanity, so they can help solve for society.

Meet our Alumni solvers.

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We value your association with PwC, even after you leave the firm. The PwC India Alumni network helps you stay connected with your former colleagues and friends who have been an integral part of your journey here. If you have been a part of the PwC network of firms in India or have worked in any PwC firm and are now living in India, we invite you to join our programme. You can join the PwC India Alumni network by registering yourself on our Alumni portal.

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Our PwC alumni come from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences across their career and personal journeys – many have gone on to achieve extraordinary things beyond their time at PwC. Login here to hear from our inspirational alumni on what they've been up to.

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Heritage Museum

Heritage Museum

As we celebrate our proud 150 year legacy in India, we’ve created this immersive experience that allows you to travel back in time as you explore our story of leadership, excellence and resilience…

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