Kartik Gaggar

Why did you choose to get into your profession?

Chartered Accountancy (CA) has been a budding career option for people from a Commerce background, especially for those who like numbers. As for me, my decision was driven by a combination of genuine interest and promising possibilities in finance.

Reflecting on your time at the firm, what makes you feel most proud?

I had an incredible learning experience thanks to my exceptional team. It was filled with numerous opportunities that I encountered during my journey with the firm. A particularly cool highlight of my experience was that for someone like me who values hard work and is always keen to absorb and learn, PwC provided the right environment and gave me an open-ended learning curve. If you are good at your work, you attract the right people, leading to more responsibilities and opportunities. As you take on more, your sense of accomplishment grows, fostering a continuous cycle of learning and personal development. It's a rewarding culture that helps you go higher as you achieve your professional aspirations.

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Tell us about what you’re doing right now personally/professionally.

Currently, I am the founder of a couple of startups and initiatives, each reflecting my passion and commitment to various domains.

One of my ventures - Rooftop, aims to connect artists and art enthusiasts through a platform from anywhere in the world. We have tapped into the unorganised Indian art sector, and our curated courses, art kits, and workshops are changing the way people see and consume Indian art.

Driven by my love for travel and having experienced over 150 destinations worldwide, I recognised the potential of the experiences market in India. This led to the creation of Rajasthan Studio, where we design tailored experiences for unconventional travellers who want to discover the vibrant artistic culture of Rajasthan and connect with the local artists. Apart from this, I've founded India Chalk and Aathun, initiatives centred around content creation. India Chalk focuses on sharing travel stories, while Aathun revolves around Indian folk music.

Two years ago, I received recognition at the National Startup Week 2021 awards from the Prime Minister of India for my efforts in connecting art with today’s generation. This acknowledgment further strengthened my conviction and efforts to promote Indian art forms and culture and incorporate them into today's lifestyle as more than just beautiful commodities.

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What advice would you give young people on taking career risks?

My advice for young professionals is to keep an open mind as no one has all the answers. Every experience should be regarded as an opportunity to learn and grow. Effective communication is essential, so share your goals, aspirations, and concerns with others to foster understanding and collaboration. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

Documenting your journey is an excellent way to track progress and gain insights for future endeavours. Value your time and make meaningful connections by networking with the right individuals in your industry. These connections can open doors to opportunities and support your career goals.

Is there a trend or movement in your industry that you see as a game changer?

The shift towards virtual education has brought about a significant change in the way people acquire knowledge and skills. Moreover, the present generation's inclination towards experiences rather than material possessions is transforming the industry. As storytelling gains importance, content has emerged as a powerful tool for sharing narratives and insights.

Any message for PwC India Alums reading this?

To all the alums who worked at the Shivaji Park office in Mumbai, if you have ever found yourself gazing at the sea link from the cafeteria, here's a big "Hi" to you! Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram—I would love to connect with you.

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