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International Women’s Day 2024

This International Women’s Day, we are looking beyond diversity – to emphasise how much #InclusionMatters to the experiences and outcomes of women at work. A workplace where women feel that they belong, are included in decision-making, and are treated fairly, equitably and with respect, is a workplace where women thrive.

Inclusion at work is a catalyst for women’s growth and advancement in every sector, and positions them more strongly to respond to key workforce developments. We are committed to accelerating progress on this by valuing the voices of women and adopting a strategic approach that emphasises inclusion.

Together, we are building an inclusive future.

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DivHersity Awards 2024

PwC India has been recognised in four categories at the DivHERsity awards by HerKey, which acknowledge the efforts of organisations that are taking significant steps to accelerate the role of women in the workforce:

  • Top5 Most Innovative Practices — DivHERsity Programs
  • Top20 Most Innovative Practices — Women Leadership Development
  • Top20 Most Innovative Practices — DivHERsity Policies
  • Top20 Companies in DivHERsity (Large Enterprises)
divhersity awards 2024

Making the future human-led and tech-powered

We believe that challenges are better solved together. That’s why we’ve created a diverse, global community of solvers that encourages you to lead with your heart and values. And our inclusive community continues to grow. We’re building a place where everyone feels like they truly belong. Where everyone is seen and heard. And where your unique skills are developed and put to work in unexpected and exciting ways, superpowered by technology. We invite you to be a part of The New Equation.

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Chairperson’s Awards: Our Changemakers

Growth, Trust, Transformation, Values and Nurturing talent.

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We’re #PwCProud of featuring our talent who have taken the lead towards growing and being challenged at PwC India. If you’re looking for one opportunity that gives you access to many possibilities in an enabling environment… one where you can thrive, get back to work, and realise your true potential -- then check out our #OnwardAndUpward series featuring our people.

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A forensic investigator at PwC? Yes, it’s true!

Our latest #OnwardAndUpward episode features Pooja Chheda, Director – Advisory, who shares with us the importance of building and managing an ecosystem of co-created value. She has been able to manage this by creating a community across all its social boundaries: bottom-up, top-down, and outside-in.

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PwC inspires you to go from good, to better, to best!

Investing in yourself is one of the best and most important investments we can ever make, says Advisory Executive Director Moushumi Vaidya. In the latest #OnwardAndUpward episode, she talks about the deep sense of accountability we should have if we want to grow in our careers.

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PwC - where possibilities become realities

As PwC Deals Manager Karan Dhanak embarked on his career with us from Campus, he was clear - he wanted to be seen as reliable and someone who pays attention to the details. In this candid chat, he shares with us what it takes to succeed with confidence.

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PwC has given me stability

Over a span of 13 years with PwC, Deals Director Anusha Kumar has stayed ahead of the curve by constantly building her domain expertise and business acumen, thanks to an enabling environment.

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Some dream about goals – PwC makes them!

After almost a month of football extravaganza, PwCite Debojyoti Chakraborty, is still revelling in the joy of taking time-off from work to watch the World Cup live in Qatar. He talks about the parallels which can be drawn from football and business and how these qualities are for anyone to take advantage of, whether th

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Seamless. Exciting. Awesome. – sums up my PwC experience!

The journey from campus to corporate is not just filled with learnings, according to PwCite Pooja Sheth Mehta but is also a unique and critical phase that requires a focused perspective and strategy to be successful. Here’s Pooja talking about how she emerged as a dedicated, determined, disciplined and dynamic PwC prof

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I shape my own future at PwC

PwCite Jayant Chandra had many perceptions about joining a consulting firm. But after ten years in the industry, he decided to take the plunge and realised within the first few months how far removed his perceptions were from reality.

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Saying ‘I do’ to Partnership in 15 years

Consistency and persistence – two words that have driven PwC Partner Hetal Shah to excel in the workplace. She believes that a workplace culture in which individuality is both noticed and valued has helped her rise in her #OnwardAndUpward journey to the very top.

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PwC is like a family to me

As a working professional, to stay relevant, you need to do things differently, says Associate Director Priya Banerjee. To manage multiple personal-professional commitments, she talks about the need to bake in a ‘me time’ slot.

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A civil engineer can become a marketeer!

PwCite Shruti Kumar loves a challenge. She talks about the opportunity she got to work in a strategic leadership role within the Markets team in PwC India.

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I can't put a value on my PwC experience — it's been pricele

Everything in life has to have balance. By scheduling her priorities instead of the other way around, PwCite Bindiya Chopra believes that all of us can have both — a healthy and balanced professional and personal life to be our 100% authentic selves.

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PwC has been the perfect fit

Sharing her #OnwardAndUpward voyage is Deals Director Ruchita Bansal who began her career as an intern in the Consulting team at PwC US before moving back to India and continuing her incredible 10+ years journey with the India firm.

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Meet our solvers

Our people are a diverse and global network of individuals who are making real-world impact through their work. But what does it really mean to be a part of our community of solvers?

They are innovators and change-makers who are passionate about making a difference. They come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures, but are united by a common goal – to create positive change in the world.

Through their work, our solvers are tackling some of the world's most pressing challenges by using their skills, expertise, and creativity to develop innovative solutions that are making a real difference in people's lives.

Come, Meet Our Solvers!

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Meet Ratnika Saxena

Ratnika Saxena, Senior Manager, Risk Consulting, talks about how she helps clients make their ecosystem cost-efficient and the freedom she has to experiment with solutions. Together, we build an efficient future.

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Meet Debankur Ghosh

Debankur Ghosh – Director, Emerging Technology, talks about the solutions he works on, how they are impacting industries in innovative ways, and his experience working with us. Together, we build a robust future.

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Meet Gaurav Goswami

Gaurav Goswami – Director, Digital Products and Transformation, talks about the difference he is making through his work, his journey so far in multiple roles, and how together we have helped him upskill and become a better solver for the future.

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Meet Gaurav Gosain

Gaurav Gosain, Manager – Advisory, talks about the real-life impact his work has made on the productivity of his team and clients, and the support he received to upskill and accelerate his growth journey. Together, we solve for the future.

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Meet Madhura Mitra

Madhura Mitra – Executive Director, ESG, talks about how her work results in sustained outcomes on global climate change problems and her growth journey with us. Together, we build a sustainable future.

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Meet Indrojeet Bhattacharya

Indrojeet Bhattacharya, Executive Director, Advisory, talks about his journey from a project lead to an executive director, the social impact projects he is working on to empower young adults and his vision to make technology accessible to all. Together, we are reimagining the future.

We’re working to create a better tomorrow

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At PwC, while we draw upon our 160-year history, our commitment for the future is clear. We bring together the collective experience of over 284,000 people in our expansive network of firms in 155 countries to solve for tomorrow. Striving to consistently deliver innovative work that builds trust and delivers sustained outcomes. And as part of the PwC Network, we work with the world’s leading organisations on their most challenging strategic problems to create real impact—building the capabilities they need to thrive in a changing world.

Let’s build something great, together

At PwC, we come together to address challenges in a way that drives lasting change for our clients across a variety of capabilities and industries. We create powerful solutions to make a positive impact. Every day. Are you ready to make a difference?

Let’s get to work.

Let’s build something great, together

Campus Engagements

Campus Engagements - PwC India

Welcome to our community of solvers. Catch a glimpse of what’s in store for you as you prepare to join us.

Our campus engagement programmes provide opportunities for students to learn more about PwC India’s culture, people, values and business. These forums are an excellent platform to engage and learn from our business leaders. Through these engagements you can leverage your unique strengths and make an impact that matters.

Come, join us and be a part of The New Equation.

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At PwC, we respect and value differences. We know that when people from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value – for our clients, our people and society. We embrace diversity and share a strong set of values. We’re committed to being inclusive, and we pride ourselves on providing equal opportunities for achieving success and driving development.

Employment at PwC is based solely on professional competence, skills and experience. We oppose all forms of discrimination, and support equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, (dis)abilities, age, identity, orientation or expression, marital status (including pregnancy), religion and beliefs, or any other status protected by law.

It is the firm’s policy to comply with all applicable national, state and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and equal opportunity. PwC India is truly a place where everyone can bring their passions and whole selves to work, and collaborate to build trust and solve important problems.

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