Jayant Bakshi

During your tenure at PwC India, you were part of the Japan Business Desk - what was that experience like?

At the Japan Business Desk (JBD), we were involved in supporting clients which were headquartered in Japan. Our key services included addressing cross-border business / cultural challenges, facilitating communication between Japanese and non-Japanese stakeholders, and providing specialised services to Japanese clients to navigate the Indian market. It was a pleasure to work with accomplished professionals such as Sanjeev Krishan, Govardhan Purohit and the admirable Bharti Gupta Ramola.

A memorable PwC experience that you treasure to this day.

It was a pleasure to work each day at PwC! While it is difficult to narrow it down to one particular experience, I can summarise by saying that I hugely cherished the camaraderie with my peers, engaging in team-building activities with my team, fostering memorable experiences with the Partner group, and overall working together to achieve common goals.

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What’s been your biggest career challenge and how have you overcome it?

I had joined PwC from another Big Four. Thus, in my mind, my biggest challenge was to build a strong network of friends and well-wishers at PwC. However, it proved easier than I had imagined. Being honest, helpful, and trustworthy helped me effectively network and make some friends for life. 

Why and how did you choose to get into the Ethics and Compliance space?

My passion for promoting ethical behaviour, coupled with a background in law, lead me to pursue a career in the Ethics and Compliance space to contribute towards fostering a culture of integrity within organisations. The increasing importance of regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and risk management in today's complex business environment also contributes to the attractiveness of this field.

Why did you start SolCom Law?

The progression towards integrating litigation support into our advisory service portfolio was a gradual process, prompted by the expressed needs of clients who communicated that there was a growing desire for additional support in litigation, prompting the expansion of our offerings – and thus SolCom Law was established.

What prompted you to start delivering pro-bono assistance on PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace)?

During my practice I came across many such individuals who really needed the service but could not afford the legal fee. Thus, I offer a certain number of hours per year as pro-bono assistance in these matters, primarily driven by a commitment towards social responsibility, ethical considerations, and a dedication to promoting a safe and inclusive work environment.

Any parting words of wisdom to your fellow PwC India alumni?

As you navigate your professional journey post, PwC, carry with you the invaluable skills, knowledge, and networks forged during your time. Embrace new challenges, stay curious, and continue to foster meaningful connections. Your experiences at PwC India have laid a solid foundation; now, leverage that foundation to make meaningful contributions in your chosen path. Best wishes for continued success and fulfilment in your endeavours! 

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