We believe in fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.

Inclusion Interventions

Inclusive Mindset Training

One of the investments the PwC Network has made to fuel The New Equation strategy. It  actively develops the inclusive mindset and leadership skills essential in building trust in society, remaining competitive in the market and delivering sustained outcomes for our clients, while also creating a culture of belonging for all our people.

Inclusion and Diversity Awards

Recognising and celebrating inclusive behaviours and role models who demonstrate inclusive leadership and are making an impact on the ground. The impact can be as small as making you feel included in a conversation to as big as creating a diverse team.

Inclusive Performance Management

To ensure our performance management system is inclusive and void of biases, we have senior leaders from business, identified as Inclusion Champions, who facilitate the performance and promotion moderation discussions as they undergo extensive training to provide bias-free and objective inputs.

Inclusive policies

  • Retain Your Rating: High-performing employees can retain their previous year's rating even if they have been on extended leave during the current year due to unexpected personal reasons.
  • On-Site Crèche Facilities: We offer crèche facilities, coupled with corporate subsidies, to assist employees in managing their responsibilities effectively..
  • Telecommuting/Remote Working: Offering flexibility by allowing employees to work from home or remotely.
  • Flexitime: Allowing employees to adjust their work timings by up to 2 hours from the regular office hours.
  • "Go Do It" Policy: Enabling employees to take time off during office hours to attend to personal responsibilities, provided they complete 40 hours of work during that week.
  • Flexible Fridays: Allowing employees to take a Friday off in a given week, given they have completed over 48 work hours during the last 3 weeks.
  • Reduced Working Hours (Part-Time): Providing the flexibility to reduce working hours to accommodate personal needs.
  • Sabbatical: Employees can apply for a sabbatical for various reasons, including pursuing higher education, family exigency, medical reasons, maintaining a work-life balance, community service, or other purposes, subject to PwC approvals.
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