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The metals and mining industry is crucial to the growth of the Indian economy. The disruptive forces of recent policy changes, innovative technology, energy security concerns and new entrants are reshaping the mining and metals industry.

As a leading metals and mining consulting firm, wehave the expertise to help you navigate and respond to these powerful dynamics reshaping the industry. This includes formulating an exploration strategy, raw material security plan and providing digital solutions in the mining sector.

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New entrants entering the mining and metals sector are looking to shake things up. But for conventional players struggling to innovate and grow, rethinking deal and partnership strategies is a must.

To that end, many are using increased investment dollars to evaluate capital allocation, make savvy deals in the mining and metals sector, plan mine developer and operator (MDO) selection and pursue new deal opportunities. That’s where we come in.

We can help you

  • navigate the diverse field of mining and metals growth opportunities and deliver your strategic objectives.
  • identify local and international alliance and acquisition opportunities, create new ventures, invest in consortiums, acquire competitors, and buy or sell assets in the mining business.
New alliances and partnerships

Mining and metal companies increasingly understand the power of technology. The question is: will it transform or trample your business models and competitive advantage?

One thing is for certain, companies that genuinely understand technology and leverage it strategically will find it to be a fundamental success factor. But issues like cyber risks and intellectual property protection must also be managed well.

We can help you...

  • Develop practical technology and data strategies that distinguish between noise and real business value
  • Align multiple technology solutions, reduce costs and enhance business value by developing strong capabilities, realistic business cases, and a simplified system architecture
  • Identify cyber vulnerabilities and help protect your business assets
Transformation through technology

With the growth plans laid by the government, backward integration for the end users like power, steel, cement sectors becomes even more important for their sustainable and organic growth.

We can help you

  • Strategise the short to long term resource security.
  • Identify investment avenues and appropriate funding arrangements.
Resource security and investments

The cost side pressures have continued to increase with the market getting more and more competitive in nature. Customer expectations are huge and a significant focus is required to keep a count on each penny being spent. A good house-keeping will result not only in improved productivity and efficiencies, reduced procurement cost, but also enable the companies to navigate through testing times and enhance market penetration.

We can help you

  • Streamline your entire procurement practice by removing deficiencies and bringing in sustainable spend management practices.
  • Work with you as your partner in improving mines and plants efficiencies, productivities and optimise the entire logistics while dealing with your customers.
Enhancing productivity and efficiencies

It is not only the government institutes, but also the private players, who need to augment their internal capabilities. Upskilling and re-skilling both are required, in order to have appropriate strength within the structure, to cope with the challenging and volatile business environment.

We can help you

  • Map the company’s growth plans with the required internal capabilities.
  • Help in upskilling and re-skilling of the organisations.
Building capabilities

With the sector opening for more business and considering the expected immense private participation, the need for the various ministries to have the right sets of sector governing policies in place has risen. The intention should be, while keeping the sector open for attracting investments, to have the correct sets of procedures and action plans laid to keep a track of sources of revenues for the Ministries and various agencies. The aim should also be to set up a monitoring system to curb any possibility of illegal mining and also to channelise the funds collected for the upliftment of the entire mining and metals sectors.

We can help you

  • Develop correct sets of sectoral governance guidelines and policies to keep a track of various mining activities.
  • Develop robust and sustainable action plan for each minerals, depending on their availability and importance.
  • Prepare guidelines and policies for fund management, generated by various ministries and agencies.
Developing policy and action plan

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