Event Risk Management

While events serve the dual purpose of generating revenue and below-the-line promotion, they expose companies to several risks such as:  

  1. Negative publicity due to non-compliance with eligibility criteria
  2. Contest and award winners are affiliated to the jury or management
  3. Nomination forms / supporting documents are not reviewed for authenticity and completeness 
  4. Failure to attract target audience (either as nominees or guest sat events)
  5. Non-compliance with key regulatory requirements (e.g. specific regulations in Tamil Nadu with regard to lotteries)

Through our tailored approach we assist organisations in navigating through these risks and mitigating their impact. Some key objectives that we can help you achieve are:

  • Ensuring transparency in the short listing and winner determination process
  • Managing risks which could lead to negative publicity
  • Adhering to applicable legal compliances during the screening process
  • Adopting best in class practices for attracting the right target audience
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