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Internal Audit

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Internal Audit is a critical element in the assurance environment of the organisations and a valuable tool and contributor to managing risks more effectively. It is a key attribute of good governance which provides the Directors, Audit Committee, CxOs and various stake holders with an independent view on whether the organisation has an appropriate risk and control environment. It also acts as a catalyst for a strong risk and compliance culture within an organisation.

PwC's approach to Internal Audit is no longer just about having the best people but equipping them with smart approaches and intelligent tools to help with their assessments. The combination of smart people, smart approach and smart technology has transformed the Internal Audit objective from value protection to value enhancement. 

2017 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study - Staying the course toward true north – Navigating disruption

In the 2015 and 2016 studies we found internal audit functions that possess strong capabilities and effective leadership can make significant strides toward becoming a highly valued, trusted advisor.   This year’s 2017 study, we identified a new factor contributing to stronger perceived value– Internal Audit’s ability to help stakeholders navigate disruption. 

Stakeholders continue to raise the bar on value expectations…

Our solutions

Internal Audit Services

PwC's Internal Audit Services practice offers the right mix of Internal Audit experience, industry-specific knowledge and highly specialized technical skill sets to clients seeking to supplement or support their IA functions.

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Internal Audit Transformation, Effectiveness and Quality Assurance

We improve the productivity and the effectiveness of your IA function resulting in reduced cost, improved performance, increased relevance, and develop metrics to drive ongoing improvement in the IA function.

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Sarbanes-Oxley and Internal Financial Controls Transformation and Compliance Services

These services include the implementation of Section 404 (assessment of internal control) readiness, the application of SOX optimisation solutions and other regulatory and governance-related services. PwC assists clients by undertaking an extensive review of the internal financial control framework, in alignment with globally accepted guidelines such as the COSO 2013/ SAP 315 controls framework and the ICAI Guidance Note on ICOFR.

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Process Reviews and Standard Operating Procedures

Our experienced team help organisations standardize their business processes by generating standard operating procedure manuals and policies benchmarked to industry best practices.

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Event Risk Management

As the events industry in India grows at a rapid pace, an increasing number of companies are launching organised events, having realised the importance of building and owning events.

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Third Party Assurance

PwC's Third Party Assurance solutions explore all angles of the business' ecosystem, thereby providing clarity so you can build trust. With the help of our team of experienced professionals and allied partners we help our clients manage their third party relationships and drive risk appropriate performance.

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Internal Audit Tools 

Business Risk Analytics and Insights Network

With businesses becoming more an more data driven and dependent, it is imperative for the business to manage the risk associated with such data driven environment as well as leverage such data to identify opportunities for the business to improve efficiency / rationalize cost.  Data analytics can help businesses tremendously in these dimensions.

Our team comprising of risk analytics and data experts help businesses in making use of data to identify controls exceptions and opportunities for cost rationalisation or leakage prevention.

Automated Solution

  • Automated solution deployment at clients for data extraction, transformation and analysis to generate the desired exception reports, dashboards and period-to-period comparisons.
  • An integrated workflow tool to also enable clients track and drive actions to close-loop the exceptions / red-flags highlighted by the solution.

Value To You

Covering all the aspects of real time controls monitoring, from identifying the red flags to close looping the control exceptions, it has everything an organization should have.

Key Features

  • Real time monitoring of ~100% transactions
  • Prevention of leakages
  • Reduction in internal audit effort
  • Ability to take focused action on risks
  • Macro view of state of internal controls
  • Data trends indicating potential pressure points on operations
  • Promotion of compliance and control culture

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Managed Services

  • Off-site continuous analytics support using tools such as ACL, Access, Excel, SQL, Tableau, Qlikview
  • Data is provided by clients through secured channels on periodic basis and PwC then reverts with the exception results & dashboards as per the requirement.

Value To You

Infrastructure, Skills, Time from PwC and all we want is your data and some requirements to get your controls monitoring system in place.

Key Features

  • Hassle free implementation of Continuous controls monitoring system
  • Lower cost model for continuous controls monitoring
  • Automated periodic delivery of exception results

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Project Management

  • End-to-end project management, functional and/ or technical support around the implementation of the continuous monitoring solution, depending upon client’s requirements.

Value To You

Do you already have technical infrastructure in place and wish to implement the risk analytics, we have the Functional and/or Technical expertise to get it done

  • In house development & execution of continuous monitoring without extending resource costs
  • Get the PwC expertise of 100 years in audit
  • Expert project management, functional & technical professionals

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Analytics Staff Secondment

  • Manpower support to perform the analysis, basis specific requirements as agreed with clients.
  • PwC team assists client in identifying opportunity to manage & mitigate control gaps

Value To You

  • Quick deployment of resources with diverse skill-set such as ABAP, SQL, ETL, Risk Analytics
  • Cost effective compared to permanent hires
  • Highly expert & all-round professionals with experience in risk assessment & technology

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Control Self Assessment (C.S.A)

Typically, organisations face following key business challenges with regard to their internal control environment:

  • A complex web of multiple businesses, processes and locations giving rise to a large number of controls to be monitored
  • Manual reporting and tracking time-consuming with low reliability
  • Significant cost of compliance
  • Limited visibility of control/compliance status applicable to the organisation
  • Inadequate tracking of remediation plans for control gaps

It is imperative for all organisations to ensure a robust control environment. New regulatory requirements have also significantly enhanced the focus on internal controls for companies, whether private, public or listed companies.

To enable companies develop and maintain a robust internal control framework, we have a robust technology enabler GRC enForce plus (Internal Controls).

GRC enForce plus (Internal Controls) is a web based tool which enables assessment and monitoring of an organisation’s internal controls

Key Features:
  • Creates centralized repository of controls in the organisation.
  • Assigns ownership of controls to relevant stakeholders
  • Control owners can assess the status of controls on periodic basis
  • Align to COSO and other leading internal controls frameworks and principles
  • Reports control status through intuitive dashboards to management
  • User friendly and easy to navigate - enables drill downs through  links
  • Customisable alerts and reminders
  • Records key audit trails
Key benefits for our clients:
  • Greater comfort to executive management for a sign-off on financial controls reporting
  • Increased reliability of organisation’s auditors on the internal controls environment
  • Creates a control conscious culture by building compliance into business processes
  • Reinforces accountability for internal controls
  • Significant reduction in cost and effort due to reduced internal audit effort and minimized internal control failure
  • Shifts internal audit’s roles to monitoring and quality assurance
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