Internet of Things

PwC’s IIoT (Industrial IoT) solution covers wide range of Industry verticals like Manufacturing, Logistics, Power Utility, Retail and Infrastructure. As part of our offering, we work with customers to solve their Business problems in a most cost optimal way ensuring higher efficiency and reliability. We provide services ranging from ‘Strategy to Execution’, ‘Point solutions’ and also ‘Program Management’.

Internet of Things

Here are few examples of our offering

Digital Operations Transformation Roadmap

As part of this offering, we suggest strategy to seamlessly integrate Machines (Level 1) with ERP (Level 4) and Analytics layer. We follow Industry 4.0 principles that covers Interoperability, Predictability, Visibility and Agility. We help companies identify ‘best fit IIoT platform’, ‘devise OT-IT strategy’, ‘formulate Process Governance framework’ and ‘define key metrices’. We understand the nuances of PLC/SCADA, Edge analytics, IIoT Platforms, Manufacturing applications and Performance KPIs (e.g., OEE, CoPQ, MTBF) that are OEM agnostic. Our standard templates help enterprises take important decisions at a fast pace and stay ahead of any competition.

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Asset Condition Monitoring and Health Prediction

Especially relevant for companies with High value, continuous running and ageing assets, our Sensor based solution clubbed with Machine Learning and Data analysis helps in assessing current health and remaining life. The solution can be applied on all sorts of machines, transformers and gensets among others. Companies can plan future investments on Spares and Maintenance judiciously, thereby having better control on CAPEX and OPEX.

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Asset Track and Trace

The solution helps track inventory and assets on near real-time basis thereby saving operational cost. The solution helps prevent loss due to theft, misplacement and also helps in accurate fulfillment.

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Image Analytics

Image analysis finds its usage in multiple industrial Use Cases like Logistics, Power Utility and also Construction. Our image analysis solution can read Container number entering/exiting gates, make sense of thermal imagery in detecting health of an asset and also do volumetric analysis. The solution helps save manpower cost and also leakages.

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Internet of Things Lab

We conceptualised PwC IoT lab to cater to the following objectives:

  1. Research and development on business-led use cases
  2. Building reusable assets in IoT area
  3. Client demonstrations
  4. IoT competency development

The IoT lab has capability to simulate design, develop and test industrial use cases that includes ‘OT component’, ‘IT component’, ‘Security’ and ‘Visualisation’. 

The current capabilities on OT side includes:

  • SCADA, PLC and HMI technologies
  • Integration protocols (e.g., OPC/UA, MQTT, MQTTS, HTTP)
  • RFID technology
  • Camera
  • Industrial sensors

On IT side we have capabilities include:

  • Data ingestion
  • Data acquisition
  • Machine learning
  • Visualisation
  • Mobility

The lab has ‘Test bench’, ‘Connectivity devices’, ‘Industrial sensors’, ‘RFID antennae and Handheld machines’, ‘RFID tags’, ‘Digital controllers’, ‘Edge gateways’ and a ‘Video wall’ that can also double up as Control center.

PwC lab facilitates simulation of Use Cases using smooth convergence of OT and IT capabilities. Some of the use cases that are hosted in lab with ready solutions are:

  1. Condition monitoring and health indexing of assets
  2. SCADA, HMI integration with IoT platform
  3. Warehouse automation solution
  4. A cloud based scalable and dynamic IoT platform for

The other Use Cases that are currently under development are

  1. RFID based asset tracking and tracing
  2. Camera OCR based parking management system

Client impact

Client background and challenges

Client background and challenges

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