Acing Digital

Welcome to Acing Digital!

As we continue to live true to our purpose of building trust in society and being a partner of choice to our clients, a digital mindset has become the need to the hour. Not only do we have to adopt a digital outlook at work, but ‘live’ it in everything we do!

Acing Digital is PwC’s way of taking a giant leap forward in improving client experience through a bottoms-up approach – that is, making our workforce future-ready, thereby, offering an enhanced experience to our clients in terms of innovative solutions and consistent delivery.

What is Acing Digital?

It is a holistic, experiential programme that will allow our people to learn key digital skills and make them ‘fit for future’. It’s how we, at PwC, power individual career growth and fuel our firm’s journey to be trusted advisors to our client.

The entire programme will be delivered through four tracks so that each individual in the firm can maximise by personalising their learning and write their own unique growth story of innovation and transformation.

Digital Hub

Being digitally enabled is in line with our strategic priorities. This online-only curriculum will help our people take their digital skills a notch higher. It will give employees an insight into a wide range of technologies that are focus areas for us - including Cloud, IoT, UI/UX, data tools and visualisations, among others.

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Digital Accelerator

It is a comprehensive training programme to accelerate digital learning for a set of interested people to drive innovation within our teams and clients through application of data, automation and AI skills. Digital Accelerators will be the firm's technology champions and will be at the heart of driving technology-led innovation in their respective LoS.

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Digital Academy

From creating bots to being smart with data, is all possible now! Through this two-day, hands-on classroom training experience, our people can learn how to analyse, visualise and automate data, and be introduced to intelligent process automation. The aim is to inspire a new way of Digital thinking.

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Digital Lab

This is a unique virtual community where one can be a contributor as well as consumer of innovative solutions. On one hand, employees can identify and build new digital assets that can enhance client experience, and on the other, they can leverage solutions in the lab to use firmwide or for clients.

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