Counting blessings….and being a beacon

A bunch of us interacted with rescued girls at the PwC office in Bandra

In a life where we chase one target after the other, work our way through the rat race, and strive incessantly to gather more, we often forget to slow down and smell the roses. More so, we lose touch with the fact that our existence is not just about ourselves; that whether or not we acknowledge it, we are intrinsically connected to each other, our surroundings, and every human we possibly don't even know.

Which is why, it's only through reaching out, extending a helping hand and doing something for another do we experience contentment.

A bunch of us who were involved in the recently organised Corporate Responsibility event - Interacting with rescued girls - at the PwC office in Bandra experienced this first hand.

These are children in the age group 13-18, who by now have seen more of the dark side of life than anyone should have to see in a lifetime.

While our intent was to interact with them, speak with them about issues they deem relevant, and make it a day memorable for them, we couldn't help be numbed by their sad stories. Their innocence was apparent, their simplicity touching, their dreams humble and hopes basic.

Each of us left that room hit hard by the realisation of how fortunate we are and how seldom we acknowledge it.

The girls were happy with the event (and that sure made our day!). However we couldn't shake the feeling of how little we had done yet and how much more we could do.

The feelings were mixed, but the joy we felt on seeing these kids smile outdid that of an outing, a holiday or even a windfall.

Personally, it inspired me to reach out more. And I couldn't help but feel more respect for our Corporate Responsibility team at PwC India Foundation that strives to make such a difference on a regular basis

God Bless!

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