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Enhance the efficiency of your tax function and add synergies to your business using our technology-enabled solutions.

Current Scenario

Around the world, businesses continue to evolve rapidly. Momentous advancement is being witnessed in the field of technology and its role in the day-to-day operations of businesses. In this scenario, there is an unprecedented potential for emerging technologies that will reshape how work is done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve. With dramatic changes in tax landscape and tax authorities, tax payers are looking for innovation in tax management. Consequently, there is a great need for organisations to invest proactively in their tax functions in this fast-changing business and regulatory environment.

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Our Technology  Products

GST Compliance Solution

As the GST journey progressed since its introduction on 1 July 2017, it resulted in a year of wrangling and debate whether GST proved to be a game changer or game spoiler.

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E-Way Bill

For movement of goods across India, the GST law provides a mechanism for generation of e-way bill (EWB) number electronically, a document/number to be carried by the person-in-charge of conveyance.

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Withholding Tax Manager

Managing withholding tax can be time-consuming and tedious in today’s complex business scenario. Therefore, we have created the Withholding Tax Manager, a one-stop solution that addresses all withholding tax-related compliance requirements and generates actionable insights for quick decision-making.

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Tax Aid

Technology is a critical enabler for regulators and taxpayers and will play an important role in facilitating transactions in virtual marketplaces.

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Litigation Management Solution

The litigation process is not only time-consuming and somewhat tedious, but also needs innumerable questions to be answered. The Tax Litigation Manager is a one-stop solution that automates this process.

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Tax Technology Assessment

  • Do you think your existing tax functions are keeping pace with the fast-evolving global tax landscape?
  • Can technological intervention enhance and make your tax function more effective?

PwC’s Tax Technology Assessment will help you evaluate your tax system and understand the need to adopt the right technology.


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