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Front-office Transformation

Transforming customer experience for business growth

Customers define every business. Its approach, its strategy, its growth and its future. They are changing the way they perceive, interact and engage with brands.

We offer integrated solutions for your Front-office transformation (FOT) that can help organisations accelerate business growth by reimagining how customers buy from them, use their services and engage with them. We help our clients design outside – in strategies to develop value propositions addressing customers’ underlying needs by implementing digital capabilities across the customer value chain.

This approach ensures that marketing and sales strategies are aligned to the rapidly changing customer behaviour. We help our clients harness the value of data and build analytics into a core business competency to create the right customer experience and product which reaches the right customer at the right time with the right offering, while opening more revenue generation opportunities.

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Digital Consumer Activator

Our Front-office Transformation enables value generation across 3 paradigms:


Includes selling faster and better leading to 15- 25% growth for businesses


Increases customer centricity leading to 20 – 40% growth in business


Builds comprehensive customer solutions leading to exponential growth

Key offerings

We understand that business needs are often complex and need holistic solutions interconnected across multiple front office functions and we have built our comprehensive FOT framework to address varying front office objectives.

Key offerings

We help our clients refine their front office functions or redefine and reimagine their businesses by co-creating integrated transformations– often combining two or more of these offerings across the framework for multiplied outcomes leading to an array of transformation offerings.

Customer Strategy and Product / Offering Portfolio

  • Size and evaluate market potential, internal capabilities, future trends (tech, consumption, competition, etc.)
  • Define where to play (target markets, customer (B2C) and account (B2B) segments), right to win (positioning and pricing) and how to play
  • Define offerings in line with definition of where to play and right to win

Impact: Market share, EBIT, ROCE, new P&Ls and % share of revenue from new offerings

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Customer Value Proposition

  • Understand the customer and define personas
  • Define a compelling value proposition to win more business from target customers (B2C / B2B2C) / account (for B2B) segments and markets
  • Translate the value proposition into desired feasible, viable customer journey – omni-channel across instore or website / call center / channel partners
  • Leverage analytics to map existing customer data to target personas
  • Deliver and measure impact of the right experience to target personas

Impact: Customer mix, market share and sales and CX metrics

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Sales and Distribution

  • Identify opportunities for pipeline growth
  • Design route-to-market to increase reach, coverage, range and quality of distribution
  • Build sales effectiveness: structure, process, tech and training
  • Deliver sales plan for retail (B2C) / distribution-led businesses (B2B2C)
  • Map customers to archetypes with recommendation engines for the best offering
  • Build key account strategy (B2B)

Impact: Sales growth and conversions, channel partner profitability and increased key account longevity

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Marketing Transformation

  • Leverage consumer insight to define marketing objectives, plan and design spends
  • Define spend efficiency and effectiveness metrics
  • Translate value proposition and brand objectives into a marketing plan, tailored as relevant by persona
  • Define activities relevant for SEO optimization

Impact to: Impact: MRoI and leads

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Service as a business

  • Define outlines of services: Applicable for after-sales businesses and services organisation
  • Identify opportunities across the service blueprint to define service strategy, service value proposition and experience, service marketing, delivery and operations

Impact: Service P&L improvement

Service enhancement

  • Leverage deep customer understanding
  • Design and deliver to-be service experience

Impact: Cost to serve and CX metrics

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  • Design integrated customer information management system architecture
  • Design customer engagement / loyalty program objectives, structure and economics

Impact: Repeat rate %, share of wallet and advocacy rates (NPS)

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  • Define measurement metrics, approach towards customer strategy and customer value proposition goals
  • Baseline current metrics, as relevant identify potential benchmarks / external partners

Impact: Measurement metrics and calculation approach

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Based on the program chosen and method of execution, our clients experience true business impact across qualitative and quantitative metrics.



Through increase in market share, new sales, qualified leads, share of wallet, and average purchase value



Increase in Brand Equity Index and brand awareness/consideration

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Increase in Customer Experience Indices like NPS, CES and CSAT, Social Brand Health Index and demand prediction accuracy



Decrease in trade marketing costs, cost of marketing, cost per reach, cost per acquisition, cost of retention and cost to serve



Higher returns on marketing investment, Brand Equity Index increase/spend on brand awareness, return on experience (RoX) and return on investment

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