Tarapore Ballika Vidyalaya visit

​Nine of us from Jamshedpur visited J.H. Tarapore Ballika Vidyalaya on 8 August 2019. We were divided in groups and attended to students of classes 5 to 10. J.H. Tarapore school at Jamshedpur runs an afternoon school, Tarapore Ballika Vidyalaya (a school for underprivileged girls), in the same premises for classes 1 to 10. The school funds their uniforms, books and other writing material.

We were welcomed with pleasant afternoon wishes every time we entered the classrooms. The students were very disciplined, interactive and aspirational. They aimed high in life and were determined to make a good future for themselves. There were students who aspired to become doctors, teachers, computer engineers, Navy officers, Army officers and police officers. We played a vocabulary game with them in which we asked them the meanings of a few difficult English words and they answered most of them correctly. The kids, in return, quizzed us on some difficult Hindi words and asked us to create sentences using them.

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We also played a small memory game with the students. We placed around 15 different articles on a table and then after a minute covered them. We then asked them to recall the names of those articles and write them down. All students participated enthusiastically in this game also.

We had collected a few thousands from our side as a volunteer contribution and bought notebooks, pens and toffees which we distributed among students. Extra toffees for the students who responded correctly to our questions. Our team of volunteers felt very proud and honored when a few students approached us to take our autographs and asked us to write something about them. The teachers were also thankful and appreciated our style of approaching students. In fact, the other students were very sad that we couldn’t interact with them.

The students taught us that everything is possible, provided that we are determined to do it.

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