Mentoring and Development Programme

A CR initiative in the North

On 28 April 2017, we concluded the Mentoring and Development Programme that started during the Foundation week in September 2016 by celebrating and sharing experiences. This programme had six sessions to help mentees to identify their problems or areas of improvement, analyse the cause, work on the solution and measure the improvements.

Heman Sabharwal, Partner for North CR welcomed the kids and started the session with his motivational words. He thanked the mentors for their support and valuable time throughout the programme. He also thanked Love Care Foundation for providing this opportunity.

In the first session, the mentees were really shy and did not open up to the mentors assigned to them. However, in the final session some of them were so confident that they came forward and expressed their experiences in front of the group of mentors as well as mentees.

After hearing the wonderful experiences from the kids, the mentors also shared their experiences and learnings from this programme. Mentees were really happy to hear the inspirational message by their mentors and gave a thank you card to each of the mentors. They expressed the support that they have gained out of this programme and in return mentors gave a solar lantern to each mentee.

Heman Sabharwal and Suchita Sharma (mentor) appreciated the kids who were really sincere and regular during the whole programme and handed over story books as a token of appreciation. In the end, we had a small celebration with cake and snacks.

Here’s what one of our mentors and mentees have to say about the programme:

Anku Priya (Mentor): “This journey of six months, from a mere volunteer to someone’s mentor was definitely an amazing and a wonderful experience. I was both a teacher and a learner, I learnt that at every phase of life it’s good to have someone whom you can look upon and seek guidance. Thanks to my mentee Karan, I was introduced to this part of me.”

Karan (Mentee): “I am thankful to Anku Priya and Ridhima, who groomed me to be a better human being. Learning with them was an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful to them for their support and kindness. Not only have they been a fantastic mentor to me but they have also taught me how to mentor other people. Thank you for being such great role models. I feel proud to inform that I am teaching computer to students now. I feel this is my first step towards success. Thanks for making this possible.”

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