Construction and Infrastructure

Our clients draw upon PwC’s in-depth sector-based knowledge and broad dispute experiences for consulting as well as strategic advice, independent analysis and objective expert evidence. We bring on board an experienced team of specialists that investigates and analyses the project management, programming, financial and economic aspects of capital project disputes.

We offer:

  • In-depth industry expertise and operational experience on complex infrastructure projects
  • An independent perspective on construction and project disputes 
  • An ability to combine technical, contractual, financial and economic solutions
  • Seamless global reach with teams working across different geographies
  • An experienced team including civil engineering, business and finance expertise, accounting expertise, technology specialisation, valuation and investigation specialisation

We have assisted a wide variety of private and public sector clients including multi-national companies, international agencies, governments and local authorities, as well as numerous smaller organisations. Our clients cover a range of industry sectors, including:

  • Construction: Public and private infrastructure, real estate
  • Transport: Rail, road, ports and airports, highways
  • Energy: Oil and gas, process plants, power and mining
  • Aerospace and defence: Civil and military

Professional experience

Civil engineers and construction managers

Claim management and dispute resolution

Quantity surveying and structural designing

Accountants and valuation experts

Project planning, scheduling and monitoring

Forensic investigation

We support our clients and their legal advisors to manage construction disputes
ranging from avoidance or early-stage settlement to binding resolutions in large
and complex projects. We work closely with:

  • The contracts department
  • Project and site teams
  • CFOs, COOs
  • Legal counsels
  • The internal audit department
  • Board of directors and audit committees

Schedule Management and Programme Control

  • Technology based analysis on platforms such as MS project, Primavera P6, Acumen fuse
  • Assessment of the underlying schedule design and integrity
  • Identification of critical paths, sub-critical paths or concurrent critical paths
  • Analysis of the changing nature of the project and supporting schedules

Contracts Management

  • Use of technology to increase the efficiency of contract management
  • Identification of contractual risks and advice on mitigation
  • Monitoring of the payments made to sub-contractors based on mutually agreed contractual terms and conditions as well as avoiding any overpayment
  • Determining of roles and obligations of various parties to the contract

Pre-Disputes Claim Validation

  • Validation of computed claims
  • Red of the claim computation methodology
  • Advice on missed out claims
  • Assistance with evidence compilation
  • Corrective measures and the way forward

Delay Analysis and Compensation Claims

  • Programme impact analysis
  • Financial impact, loss and damages quantification
  • Implementation of schedule analytics tools to extract, organise and analyse large volumes of data from a variety of scheduling tools databases

Expert Testimony Services

  • Review of the opposing expert’s delay and damages or loss report
  • Review of financial as well as other business documents of the opposing party
  • Assistance in negotiations and optimisation of such proceedings
  • Preparation of a professional and coherent written expert report

Why you need Construction Disputes and Claims Management Advisory Services

  • For robust schedule management through global best practices
  • For a professional approach and use of technology to continually plan, schedule and monitor the project
  • For maximising your contractual benefits and safeguarding the interest of the project
  • For securing profit and saving on costs
  • For reducing risks related to contractual obligations
  • For avoiding unjustified claims and threat of litigation
  • For an integrated document covering all potential claims
  • For evidence compilation in an organised manner
  • For solid ground work for negotiation, arbitration and litigation
  • For quantification and apportionment of delay to extend the time claim
  • For quantification and apportionment of cost for prolongation, disruption, acceleration and variation cost claims
  • For resolving disputes in reduced time and saving money
  • For successful resolution of negotiations
  • For attaining a robust set of results and opinions to be used in the case

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