PwC's Tabulate: A simple and real-time accounting solution

Rahul Garg 
Partner & Tax Technology Leader,
PwC India 

Expectations from modern financial managers have gone up several notches in recent times. In the key area of accounting for financial transactions and tax compliance, solutions are often complex and not comprehensive, making adoption by users difficult. The need for a solution that is easy to implement and cost-effective remains unfulfilled. CFOs today are navigating ever-changing environments and need real-time information for decision making. Also, they require listing solutions that are effective and worth the price:

  • Capturing of data at origin
  • Processing of data that embeds controls and compliance safeguard
  • Access to supporting documents and workings
  • Insights through customisable analysis of data
  • Anywhere access

These challenging requirements are met by PwC’s Tabulate, an exciting offering from PwC India.

PwC’s Tabulate is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that captures financial events and data. Data is recorded after strong validations and sanitisation for accuracy, ensuring that it is recorded correctly the first time. The solution allows one to set up parameters on various master data in order to reduce the margin of error for users, thus reassuring transaction managers.

PwC’s Tabulate allows for best-in-class internal controls and seamless compliance for tax deductions and collections. It can be integrated with PwC’s GST filing software to allow straight-through processing.

Sensible dashboards that can be accessed by users and decision makers anywhere and anytime allow real-time update of transactions and events, and enable timely and informed data-based decision making.

What is more, the solution allows users to store supporting documents that can be accessed by stakeholders anytime and anywhere!

PwC’s Tabulate meets the highest standards of data security and access controls, allowing the enterprise to set up internal check mechanisms, and enabling management of incompatible functions and processing of appropriate approval hierarchies.

For entities that face processing challenges owing to their complex structures or activities, PwC’s Tabulate can be customised as a comprehensive business solution.

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