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Automated GST computation, accounting and user-friendly reports.

Simple to use, yet powerful solution for your accounting, GST and financial management requirements

With the advent of digital business ecosystem, it has become imperative for organisations to identify and use appropriate technology for managing their business-critical processes including accounting and finance. The need for real-time data and reports is more now, than ever before, to ensure that the organisations remains competitive in the business environment, in which they operate. PwC’s solution will empower the organisations to engage effectively with the current business ecosystem and provide them a platform to have a competitive advantage over their peers in the industry.

PwC recognises that, ease of use is a key element which influences technology adoption and is providing the solution which is simple to use and does not require the users to have prior knowledge of accounting. It enables the business to manage all its bookkeeping, accounting and GST functions seamlessly.

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Solution capabilities

Accounting processes have certain repetitive routines and tasks. PwC’s solution has identified these routines and has automated these tasks and consequently reduced the human effort as well as possibilities of human error in transaction processing. The software automatically computes applicable taxes, passes the accounting entries, updates ledgers and inventory and also updates trial balance and financial reports in real-time.

PwC’s solution utilises artificial intelligence technologies and powerful algorithms to ensure that the users experience simplicity in managing their day to day accounting, internal control compliance and business reporting.

Technology solutions are expected to reduce human effort and, in this respect, PwC’s solution is very intuitive and user friendly. It does not require the users to be trained in software usage and they are not expected to have prior knowledge of accounting. The software requires the user to select the transaction to be processed from a dropdown list and based on the selection, the software accounts for the transaction automatically by asking the user simple questions like to whom sale is being made, place of sale, items of sale and quantity being sold. Computation of applicable taxes and posting into appropriate ledgers is done automatically by the software.

The software provides a versatile and user-friendly dashboard and downloadable reports, that can assist the management in decision making.

Internal financial controls are essential to ensure that the business is being conducted in compliance to pre-defined rules that are established by the management. PwC’s solution comes with workflows to assist the management to implement internal controls that are suited for their organisation.

The software enables the management to set up expense approvals, access controls, define monetary limits for different users and also enables the management to set-up and display instructions to the users with respect to the rules that they need to adhere, while processing transaction.

Business managers require reports in real-time and at the click of the button, to enable them to take business decisions effectively. PwC’s software application, collates the data from transaction screens, ledgers and backend tables and displays the reports with drill-down capability, whereby the users can drill down to the source transaction from the reports.

Since the software is cloud-based, it enables real-time updating of reports and makes it possible for users to access the reports at any time and from anywhere.

Solution differentiators

SaaS as well as enterprise deployment

PwC’s solution can be deployed as an off-the-shelf application or can be customised and deployed as per the specific requirements of the organisation.

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Data security

Security and privacy of data is given paramount importance by PwC and the solution comes with data encryption and controls to eliminate the risk of unauthorised access.

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GST compliance and filing

GST Compliance Solution of PwC solution is aimed at automation of month-end tax compliances and reporting and provides options for interfacing with multiple ERP environments.

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Audit trail

PwC’s solution provides a separate auditor login and enables the users to trace the source of any transaction from the trial balance or from a business report. The solution even enables the users to trace and view documents supporting any transaction.

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Key features

Multi-branch / segment accounting and reporting
User specific access controls
Expense approval workflows
Upload of supporting documents for every transaction and one-click retrieval
Travel and expense claims management
Automated inventory management, accounting and valuation
Automatic management of customer credit limits
Budgetary control
Automated AR / AP ageing analysis
Real-time bill wise matching of receivables
Automatic analysis of cost of purchases
Real-time dashboard and management reports
Download all ledgers and reports to Microsoft Excel
Integrated with Microsoft Excel online
Customer and vendor engagement screens
Online balance confirmation by customers and vendors
Auditor login
Seamlessly integrated with GST filing application

Enterprise offering

PwC’s team of experienced professionals help your business to identify technologies that are best suited for your organisation’s ERP requirements and work with solution providers to deploy a customised solution, that will enable you to overcome the challenges and uncertainties that you face, with respect to accounting, financial management, payroll and HRMS, incentive management, vendor management, e-procurement, inventory management, on-line sales, POS, fixed asset management and accounting, reporting,

Enterprise grade ERP solutions deployed by PwC are enable companies to upgrade business critical modules with new generation, flexible and mobile application which can be integrated with their existing core business systems and thereby enable the organisations to become agile and enhance their process efficiencies.

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