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PwC India's findings of the first-ever India Crisis Survey

Crisis Preparedness: An imperative to stay competitive

We are pleased to present PwC India's findings of the first-ever India Crisis Survey. Our first-of-its-kind report presents cutting-edge insights into crisis management based on the experiences of some of the largest organisations in India. We heard from senior executives from 25 industries, 80% of whom have experienced at least one crisis in the past 5 years. We analysed whether their organisations were prepared to respond to crisis and the impact of crisis on their organisation and ecosystem.

Instead of “admiring the problem”, we’ve used this data as a springboard to reverse-engineer a successful crisis response. We looked at the companies that self-identified as having emerged stronger from their worst crisis – and compared them to those that did not fare as well.

A crisis is an opportunity to emerge stronger: 42% of leaders who had already faced a major crisis in the past 5 years said they were “in a better place” post crisis — with some even reporting revenue growth as a direct result of their management of the crisis.


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What did these organisations do differently? What crucial preparedness steps did they take that led to their positive outcomes? Can crisis actually be a positive experience… even one that can yield competitive advantage?

Yes, it can. And you don’t have to go through a crisis to learn how.

Why your people hold the key to crisis outcomes

A crisis can touch so many aspects of an organization — from its financial, legal, and competitive standing to its technology, processes, and reputation. What too often gets overlooked is the human factor. Read on to learn more. 

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What is your crisis preparedness score

What is your crisis preparedness score?

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