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Lead by example and not by command

Chaitali Mukherjee

Chaitali Mukherjee
“It was the shared belief in the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ that made me a partner with PwC in the field of ‘People and Organisation’. I believe, that given the present scenario one can only lead by example and not by command.

It’s important to move away from the ‘traditional style of leadership’. To lead is to be ‘one amongst the many’ and leave an impact. True opportunity lies in the value each person brings to the team. A leader should focus on navigating the team towards success by exploring their strengths and interests. It’s the passion and vision within my team to create something bigger, better and of great consequence that keeps me motivated, every day.

On the personal front, I believe a supportive spouse and family plays a major role in a woman’s career and I am no exception to this. Having said that, I completely disagree with the traditional notion of only women need a work life balance. In my team, young fathers and mothers are given the same liberties and support.

I would like to be known by my peers as:

  • A believer: Someone who believed in the impossible and got it done.
  • A change Champion: The one who connected the dots and made it happen.
  • Someone who thinks beyond the obvious: Someone who nurtured an opportunity and made it big.
  • A dependable person: Someone you could count on, as a colleague, as a peer, as a friend or as a team member who is there for you.
  • An inspiration: Someone who inspires others to deliver their best.

When I joined PwC, I saw the core strengths of this firm, vis a vis a lot of extremely successful firms that I have worked with in the past, aligned seamlessly with my own personal beliefs and goals. The opportunity to reimagine the possible, be it in what you do and how you could do, is so high, that it didn’t seem as if it was an unfamiliar environment for me at all.”

In conversation with Chaitali Mukherjee, a truly progressive leader holding up PwC’s values.



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