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Driving retail growth by leveraging analytics

Data and analytics are revolutionising businesses today. This is reflected in PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey (2016),2 which shows that 68% of the global CEOs see data and analytics technology as generating the greatest returns for stakeholder engagement.

Building retail businesses for tomorrow today

Historically, retail companies the world over have focussed on increasing their store footprint for growth. Digital transformation gradually led to the proliferation of multiple channels and today, retailers have moved to a consumer-centric operating model which is solution-oriented and anticipatory to changes in consumer behavior.

India Inc: Shifting to top gear

PwC’s Pulse Survey underscored the determined intent of companies across industries to tap into the inevitable rural juggernaut fuelled by the rising income levels and middle-class aspirations as well as continued investments in infrastructure in rural and ‘rurban’ areas.

Are you profitability ready?

PwC and India Retail Forum are pleased to present our report titled ‘Are you Profitability Ready?’ that traces key trends and challenges influencing profitability for Indian retailers.

Multichannel strategy

Leading businesses, today, are harnessing both traditional and new service channels (i.e. physical outlet, field service, web, mobile, etc.) to cater to both the segments of changing demographics across all geographies. This is also providing customer access to new channels, while enhancing flexibility in delivering value to the customer.