Future of India: The Winning Leap

To become a 10-trillion-USD economy in the next 20 years, India needs to accelerate its growth to a CAGR of 9%.

India needs to adopt new and innovative business models and take the Winning Leap.

The private sector has to play a significant role in creating the corporate capabilities that will make this transformation possible.

For the Winning Leap, India's most persistent problems have to be dealt with first and specific sectors need to be targeted.

What our leaders say

The evolving fintech-bank ecosystem

The RBI is keen to help non-bank and digital companies compete within the banking framework.Read more

The emerging GST sketch 

The government keen on getting GST introduced, but the April 2016 deadline is a bit unrealistic.Read more

Blurred boundaries in a connected world 

Demography and technology are reshaping the market for the CEO in India as well as abroad.Read more

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