Power and Mining publications

Energizing South 2016: Smart–Reliable–Sustainable power

This report presents an overview of the power scenario in the southern India, and discusses future challenges to be addressed along with the opportunities for the industries and the role of various stakeholders.

Round-the-clock power supply: A key milestone for the Indian power sector

This report takes stock of the power sector in India and discusses the interventions required to achieve round-the-clock power supply and propose directions for stakeholders in the Indian power and energy sectors.

Renewable energy’s transformation of the Indian electricity landscape

The considerations to meet energy demands, sustainability, energy security and lower costs are driving India’s renewable energy growth. This report presents an overview of the Indian renewable energy sector and its potential to transform the electricity landscape in India.

Coal mining: Is private participation the answer?

Coal is India’s largest commercial source of primary energy. Policymakers and planners expect coal to continue to dominate as the mainstream energy source for the next several years.