Healthcare key sector issues

Indian healthcare has evolved over the last three decades from a predominantly government and charitable care system to that led by the private sector. While this has radically altered the way healthcare is delivered in the country, the sector has to still confront certain issues: 

  • Accessibility and affordability of primary care
  • Dearth of viable models to suit changing demographics
  • Operations optimisation and cost containment
  • Public private partnerships
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Achieving economies of scale
  • Low insurance penetration
  • Access gap to electronic health information

What is driving change in the sector?

  • A revolution in care, enabled by ubiquitous connectivity and driven by consumer needs and preferences
  • Regulatory reform, as governments explore new ways to control costs and improve outcomes
  • The impact of advances in science, using the knowledge of biosciences and genomics to deliver safer, more personalised, more preventive and cost-effective healthcare