Information Management

    A complex dynamic environment, increasing competitive pressures and enhanced regulatory compliance are some of the key drivers compelling organisations to align their strategic objectives with their performance management and reporting system.This has increased reliance on data to not just take key business decisions but also in order to reduce costs across the value chain and improve the top line.

    Organisations face some typical challenges in this context.

    • Getting the most consistent version of truth across the entire organisation so that the non value-adding time on internal reconciliations across multiple reporting applications can be better spent in doing meaningful analysis which is actionable
    • Aligning key performance indicators with the strategic objectives for effective monitoring of organisational performance with a healthy mix of leading and lagging indicators
    • Cutting down time and effort in preparing compliance reports without compromising accuracy or reliability
    • Generating data-driven insights to focus on the most appropriate product and market for the organisation
    • Reducing cycle time and improving reliability and efficiency of financial planning, budgeting as well as legal and management consolidation of data
    • Creating an enterprise to manage information as an asset as well as combine content to aid effective decision-making

    PwC’s Information Management team helps you address all this and more.

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