The Future of Finance

CFOs have a stark choice: either look on as the Finance function is automated out of existence, or seize a new and crucial role in the business.

Creating a fit-for-future Finance function

New competitors are transforming entire industries within a very short space of time. New services are replacing business and market models which worked perfectly well until now. Innovative technological developments are eliminating complete product ranges – across traditional industry and sector boundaries.

In the wake of this development, the Financial function and CFO are playing an ever greater role, both strategically and operationally. At the same time, operational business is placing increasingly higher demands on the Financial function. More precise forecasts and more consistent data are required in order to react appropriately to changes in the market.

2019 India Future of Finance Showcase

4 July, Gurgaon
5 July, Mumbai

We're delighted to host our Future of Finance client event, bringing together our valued clients with our global Finance Transformation specialists in India. 

If we told you the prognosis for the Finance function was terminal, would you be ready to change the habits of a lifetime? As a close observer of Finance functions all over the world, PwC has realized that CFOs have to choose now: either resign themselves to a back-seat role and watch as their strength and status dwindle, or seize the wheel as the driver of business strategy and performance. We believe Finance can stay in great health and flourish as never before. 

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