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Emerge stronger from disruption

Powered by technology-driven forensic intelligence and analytics, we help you build resilient strategies to protect value, build trust and create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger.

Build trust and emerge stronger

Sudden disruption can shake customer and stakeholder confidence. Whether you experience a data breach, fraud, or a massive global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, an unplanned event has the potential to inflict catastrophic harm to your organisation.

But managed skillfully, such upheaval can create opportunities for your business to emerge stronger.

With PwC’s Forensics team as your trusted advisor, you’ll get back on track. And after critical events, we’ll work with you to manage risk and put safeguards in place to protect business value.

Our collaborative Forensics approach helps you:

  • Build agility, adaptability and resilience into your business
  • Determine facts quickly and accurately
  • Present credible solutions to your stakeholders
  • Navigate and effectively manage crisis
  • Restore business value after an impasse
  • Innovate and emerge stronger

PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021: India Insights

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PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021: India insights

A report on how the business community has responded to the pandemic.

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PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021: India insights

Featured Insight

During the past 24 months, more than 5,000 respondents in 99 countries shared their experiences in PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020.

Among our findings:
47% of organisations experienced fraud in the previous 24 months

Bottom line:
Fraud rates are at record highs, and widespread uncertainty can offer a catalyst for increased fraudulent activity.

Source: PwC’s 2020 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey

Forensis Services Featured Insight - PwC India

PwC can help your organisation prevent — and mitigate — the damage caused by economic crime and fraud.

How PwC can help

Our Forensics specialists help clients protect business value and recover from crisis. 

With decades of extensive industry experience supporting organisations through critical challenges, our teams of professionals provide concrete, actionable advice to design and guide strategy. Advanced technology powers a suite of proven tools and services. Forensics specialists and analysts apply battle-tested skills and knowledge.

The results: Recovery. Resilience. Opportunity.

We help you reduce the risk of fraud, economic crime and disputes, protecting your business from financial and reputational damage.

A crisis can cause enormous risk to your brand, your people, your relationships — and your bottom line. We respond with speed and conviction to address the threat and help prevent further damage.

Managed well, a crisis can help your business develop immunity. We work with you to recover from current crises and to enhance your ability to learn and improve after an unplanned event.

According to an estimate by the World Bank Institute, corruption is a global epidemic

Confront crisis with confidence

The evolving corporate landscape has increased the importance and complexity

According to estimates, India has seen a rise in disputes arising out of increased business activity

In today’s business environment, financial institutions face tremendous regulatory

Globalisation offers new opportunities in the form of new markets

Advances in digital technology have changed the way we live, communicate and do our business

Preparing you to be secure

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Our sectors

Construction and Infrastructure

Our clients draw upon PwC’s in-depth sector-based knowledge and broad dispute experiences for consulting as well as strategic advice, independent analysis and objective expert evidence. We bring on board an experienced team of specialists that investigates and analyses the project management, programming, financial and economic aspects of capital project disputes.

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Our Forensics podcast series

How businesses respond to disruption determines their ability to recover and emerge stronger. In each episode of our series, “Emerge stronger through disruption,” PwC specialists explore the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders in today’s environment of global uncertainty.

Listen to our podcast on your desktop or mobile device.

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About Forensic Services

The PwC Forensic Services practice provides access to deep forensic capabilities across the globe. We provide forensic accounting, financial analysis and regulatory knowledge to companies confronting corporate investigations, litigation and regulatory enforcement challenges. We also offer guidance and assistance with complex technology challenges.

Partner Profiles

State-of-the-art Capabilities

We have two state of the art Forensic Technology Solutions ('FTS') laboratories set up in Mumbai and Gurgaon providing services across India powered by fibre-optic connectivity. Our FTS specialists employ cutting edge technology to handle confidential and privileged data.

Forensic Insights

In the post-demonetisation era, the rise in cashless transactions has led to a fundamental transformation in the way the financial services sector functions in India. While on one hand, the switch to cashless money signals the dawn of a new era in financial transactions, on the other - it underlines the urgent need to address the increasing vulnerability to risks associated with online, credit/debit card frauds. Some of key reasons that can be attributed to the increase in fraud risks are: increase in the use of credit/debit cards post demonetization, lack of awareness of the right security measures in customers, the integration of various untested applications in payment channels, and the lack of efficient security products for monitoring of banking transactions.

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