Managed Services

Transforming business operations and enhancing core business focus through value-led services.

Organisations across the globe are facing challenges to scale up their business operations, leaving them with little time to focus on non-core processes. In the last two decades, organisations have tried to solve the issues through long-term outsourcing contracts.

Traditional outsourcing contracts offer no incentives for automation, analytics and deep cross-functional skills to deliver continual value. PwC brings together its core expertise across technology, risk, accounting and tax to provide differentiated -‘value-led’ managed services. With a focus on automation, analytics, and risk management, we look to solve your niche problems in a manner that is sustainable for the long term.

Managed Services

The challenges we address

Agility and speed

Agility and

The constant pressure to innovate and enhance business value through complex services and technical transformations

Skills and expertise

Skills and

Continuous demands for niche skills and expertise to create and maintain business value

Predictable Operating Costs

Predictable operating

Keeping the costs predictable in an uncertain world of changing services and technologies

Managing Risks & Compliance

Managing risks and compliance

Navigating through rapidly changing regulatory landscape and demonstrable reduction in risks

Our Services

Business Applications Managed Services

Business applications managed services

Business applications ranging from ERP solutions to CRM and HRMS have rapidly evolved from the back office to being the nerve center of all business processes. In order to harness value from business applications, one needs to bring together domain and technology expertise coupled with a systematic approach to continual enhancement.

PwC’s business applications managed services aims to assist you throughout our journey – from transformation to sustained outcomes providing complete application support, management and maintenance, enhancing user experience and evolving your applications to accelerate your business productivity.

Application Technology Management

Application technology and custom applications Management

Complex business scenarios require elaborate business logic workflows and increased customisation of solutions. As applications continue to get more complex, it is imperative to ensure optimal functioning of applications, which requires significant time, effort and costs.

PwC’s application technology management assists you with a host of services including application development and maintenance, SOA/BPM integration, content management, application testing, performance engineering as well as identity and access management.

Data and Analytics

Data and analytics

Organisations are drowning in data. With the ever-increasing amount of data they produce and consume and a lack of a clear data strategy, organisations are overwhelmed with the multiple possibilities for utilising the data at their disposal.

PwC’s data and analytics services provides assistance in building the right data strategy, establishing a resilient data architecture, establishing data governance, gathering business insights from your data, optimising operations and finding new opportunities for innovation.

Managed Security Services

Managed security services

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, with attackers utilising multiple attack vectors to achieve their objectives. With the increasing volume of security events and a shortage of skilled cyber security resources, organisations are struggling to cope with the threat landscape.

PwC’s managed security services aim to protect your organisation with a 24x7 monitoring of the client’s priority assets, detection of security incidents and an effective response and remediation to cyber threats.

Managed Digital Trust

Managed digital trust

Organisations are rapidly digitising themselves and embracing technology and new ways of working. Digital transformations are no longer limited to enterprises, they involve an element of trust from customers, business stakeholders and the business value chain.

PwC’s managed digital trust services help you respond to digital risk, build digital trust and optimise your business value by managing data protection and privacy, ensuring business continuity, managing regulatory compliances and providing assurance for your digital risks.

Managed AML / KYC / SAR


Financial institutions and platforms face volatility, rising compliance costs and increased frauds. Most financial institutions are struggling to run efficient programmes for identifying, monitoring and reporting potential legal and regulatory non-compliance.

PwC’s managed AML /KYC/ SAR services can help financial institutions and platforms fight financial crime and ensure compliance by offering end-to-end customised anti-money laundering, know your customer and transaction monitoring managed services.

Vendor / Customer Risk

Vendor/customer risk

Enterprise supply chain typically includes multiple partners, with services and sourcing managed across several organisations. These partners bring along a plethora of risks from information and privacy risks, regulatory risks, reputational risks to financial risks.

PwC’s vendor/customer risk services helps you manage risks across the vendor/customer lifecycle and helps you maximise the value of your supply chain by providing assistance across due diligence, risk reviews/assessments, SOC reporting and vendor risk management.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud analytics

Financial frauds continue to disrupt organisations across the globe. Fraudulent transactions are difficult to trace as they get lost in the overall volume of data. It is imperative to dig deep into the data and hunt for any anomalies.

PwC’s managed fraud analytics services uses advanced AI, analytical tools and ML to help navigate through transactional data and identify instances of fraudulent or unethical activities by its employees, agencies or vendors, and helps them to - prevent, detect and respond to fraud.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Continuous controls monitoring

In today’s dynamic business scenario enterprise risks are rising with the rapidly changing compliance obligations and ever-increasing compliance costs. With non-compliance resulting in legal proceedings, loss of reputation and/or fines, it becomes imperative for organisations to take proactive compliance measures.

PwC’s managed continuous controls monitoring services aim to assist you to monitor controls across business functions by continuous monitoring of business controls, detection and management of exceptions as well as providing real-time insights into compliance status.

Insurance Regulation Reporting

Insurance regulatory reporting

Insurance companies face a plethora of challenges in minimising accounting mismatches between the measurement of financial assets under IFRS 9 and insurance liabilities under IFRS 17. It becomes imperative for organisations to plan implementation of IFRS 9 alongside IFRS 17.

PwC’s insurance regulatory reporting services offers managed reporting for IFRS 17 and IFRS 9 to help organisations classify and measure their financial assets, formulate a new impairment model and hedge accounting criteria as well as comply with new presentation and disclosure requirements.



Organisations produce large amounts of confidential, private, and proprietary data in their day-to-day business operations. Understanding this data, locating it, collecting it and preserving it – becomes especially critical during a crisis or regulatory event.

PwC’s eDiscovery services assist in managing vast amounts of electronic data and navigating the legal and business processes through information governance, data collection, evidence assessment and document review.

Spend management

Spend management

In a world of ever-increasing economic complexity, it is important for organisations to keep their costs under control. Organisations are struggling to reduce unnecessary spending, maintain accuracy throughout the entire billing lifecycle.

PwC’s spend management services help you monitor and manage spends across the enterprise by collecting and consolidating spend data, forecasting of spends, managing indirect spends, automating transaction tracking and optimising enterprise-wide spend.

PwC managed services ensures consistent, cost-effective and customised outcomes

Technology enabled operations

Technology-enabled operations

Best-in-class technology stack including advanced analytics to cater to all your niche problems

Subject matter expertise

Subject matter expertise

Subject matter experts with experience in supporting PwC’s global clients are available to address your specific business problems

Risk & regulatory assurance

Risk and regulatory assurance

Leveraging our expertise in the risk and regulatory domain to help you address even the most complex compliance requirements with ease

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