Cyber Forensic Services

Advances in digital technology have changed the way we live, communicate and do our business. Today’s world is more connected than ever before. Just like your business, criminals are taking advantage of innovation and automation. No business is immune from cyber-threats. Having a hundred percent secure computer system is a myth. Organizations can’t prevent every possible attack due to limitations in the security tools and sophistication of attackers. When organisations face a cyberattack, a rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimise the threat and safeguard the critical information infrastructure. The impact severity, scope, and cost of a cyber security incident increases with every hour it remains unresolved. Time compounds the problem and any delay or inefficiency will only increase the damage and loss from a security breach. According to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey® 2016, the average cost of a security breach is 2.5 million USD.

The only way to be prepared for the ever-evolving cyberattacks is to have a contingency plan in place and experts on call. PwC’s Cyber Security Incident Response and Digital Forensics team help you respond quickly to minimise damage and reduce downtime in the event of a cyberattack. Our team will take a comprehensive, reactive, proactive and predictive approach to restore normalcy, identify the root cause and suggest measures to stop the reoccurrence of such
security breaches.

Our bouquet of services

Cyber Forensics

  • Disk, network and mobile forensics
  • Malware analysis—static and dynamic
  • Digital forensics readiness assessment
  • Network log correlation and predictive analytics

Incident Response Management

  • Cyber security incident response policy and
  • Cyber security incident readiness maturity
  • Cyber security incident investigations
  • Indicators of compromise (IOC)—
    collection, identification and mitigation

Fraud Management

  • Technology fraud investigations
  • Technology fraud risk assessment
  • Proactive fraud detection
  • Fraud prevention

Turn-key Solutions

  • Establishing a digital forensics lab in a build,
    operate and transfer (BOT) model
  • Consultancy in setting up of a cost-effective,
    customer-centric digital forensics facility
  • Customer Specific Incident Response and
    Digital Forensics training

How PwC can help you

At PwC, we have a deep understanding of handling cyber incidents. Our experienced
team applies a proven and robust approach to tackle every incident. We can minimise
the impact of cyberattacks and help protect your business from future attacks. We
can also enhance your cyber strategy and redesign your programme so that you
proactively reduce your exposure to cyberattacks, secure business-critical activities
and become more resilient.

We facilitate efficient and quick responses to cyberattacks and data breaches, and provide investigation, mitigation and eradication services in the event of internal or external cyber security threats. Our digital forensics labs are equipped with cuttingedge forensics tools to cater to complex incident response needs and deliver the best services to our clients.


Increased legal and regulatory compliance

By proactively detecting frauds, security incidents and
identifying vulnerabilities in security infrastructure

Enhanced risk management

By lowering the impact of cyberattacks, security breaches and
digital fraud and reducing litigation risks

Increased productivity

By reducing business downtime and protecting critical
information systems to boost organisational productivity

Increased profitability

By reducing revenue leakages and minimising the cost of

Enhanced customer confidence

By improving customer data security and reducing the risk of
reputational loss

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