Digital Asset Management Solution

The Digital Asset Management Solution (DAMS) is a next-generation intelligent automation platform that transforms IT operations, and virtually eliminates over 90% of human labour costs, and ensures highly available IT systems and processes.

DAMS overview

Digital Assets Management Solutions delivers a single, unified system, software and interface for automating an enterprise's IT infrastructure, applications, and processes that includes monitoring, event handling, ticketing and remediation. DAMS bases its actions on business rules from deep domain knowledge, guided machine learning and artificial intelligence to take precise and intelligent actions to keep the businesses running at peak performance.

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The current IT conundrum

The IT managed services market is getting disrupted from two angles. Digital agendas are pushing customers to move more and more to the cloud and most recently, to the public cloud. This changes the expectations of the managed services providers. The second big disruption is the wave of automation. While IT service providers have talked about automation forever, not much progress has been made in this space. Primarily because the business model was based on labour arbitrage. But now, customers are demanding more automation and are looking for fresh solutions from new players that can really accelerate their adoption of cloud and also bring in AI and machine learning to automate everything in the L1 service desk and slowly move up the chain into L2 and L3 services as well. DAMS is positioned to take on this new requirement from customers. We are disrupting the managed services market by bringing in the intelligent automation.


What Digital Asset Management Solution's systems and software offers

digital asset management solution

Automated management for applications and infrastructure, with automated monitoring, incident management and problem management

digital asset management system customisation

Platform built on intelligent automation with customisable levels of automation

digital asset management (dam) multi-cloud

Executive, multi-level, multi-cloud dashboards

digital asset management software templates

100+ ready-to-deploy automation templates for common recurring incidents

digital asset management system - ITSM complete lifecycle automation

Integration with ITSM tools for complete lifecycle automation

digital asset management ticketing solution

Ticket enrichment and prioritisation for problem tickets

digital asset management multi-channel support

Multi-channel support through AI chatbots, email, IVR, SMS, etc.


Key features 

Consolidated dashboard

Single view for utilisation, ticketing and cost for client to drive better business decisions across multiple cloud environments.

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Natural language processing

Read through email and solutions to help create knowledge repository automatically. This helps the AI to select the correct solutions for an issue which has been reported earlier. This results in better response and resolutions time thus maintaining SLA during hours when human resources are not available for response.

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Chatbots help end-users with their requests. Data such as ticket status, infrastructure utilisation and SLA breaches can be directly provided via chatbots.

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DAMS is built on the cloud platform and natively supports a multi-cloud environment. It leverages technologies like machine learning and AI to minimise the human intervention in terms of monitoring, event handling, ticketing and remediation. By using reinforced learning methods, it slowly improves the accuracy of automated fixes as and when the issues arise. It's built in continuous learning system creates virtual models of the infrastructure using live data and offers predictive and prescriptive solutions.

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