8th Digital IQ Survey - The India Story

Indian organisations keen on leveraging digital investments to enhance customer experience

According to the survey, digital is synonymous with customer experience. Indian companies are investing heavily in technology and innovation-related activities that can deliver better experiences for their customers and employees.

Making Digital a Reality

India has come a long way from the time PwC first set out to measure the digital IQ of India’s C-suite. Everyone has bought into the disruptive power of digital; and control has now been passed on to the executives who know how to put digital investments to work. Clearly, digital is no more a choice – it’s about disrupting yourself before you get disrupted.

The survey shows that CEOs are at the forefront of this digital journey – they are actively involved in setting digital agendas and prioritizing digital investments. While 81% of CIOs are responsible for leading digital initiatives, another role that is making news is that of a Chief Digital Officer – CDO appointments are happening at a faster rate in India than elsewhere. 

To make digital a reality, organizations are heavily investing in enhancing the customer experience and building innovation technology. The differentiator will be how fast and agile they can be as they design and deliver on digital initiatives. Executives across Marketing, IT, Customer Service, and Supply Chain are collaborating internally and with external partners to deliver on the digital customer promise.

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Focus on human experience: As you experiment with emerging technologies, don’t short-change the customer and employee experiences. Encourage and invest in a culture of collaboration, innovation and seamless integration with both internal stakeholders and external partners. 

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