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Those who fail to innovate will fail to survive. Don’t just talk about a culture of innovation and growth. Do it!

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Facing obstacles? You’re not alone.

To compete today, organizations must upskill their workforce to be digitally agile. But that’s easier said than done. PwC’s Digital IQ Survey shows executives have barriers to digital innovation. Our data also shows companies that prioritize innovation, use cross-functional teams and agile approaches, and better understand the human experience financially outperform their peers. PwC’s Digital Workforce Transformation helps change the way employees learn, think, interact and solve problems. 


A clear understanding of digital fluency greatly informs both corporate and competitive strategy. The power of knowing how each and every individual differs when it comes to digital skills, mindsets, behaviors and relationships makes it possible to personalize learning and measure progress. 

Through PwC’s Digital Fitness app, each employee takes an assessment and receives a Digital Fitness score. 

With a clear understanding of your workforce’s digital fluency, we can build a transformation program tailored to your organization.



Employees boost their Digital Fitness score through bite-sized, addictive content contextualized to your organization. 

Personalized employee learning plans are built based on their Digital Fitness score, interests, and behaviors. 



Digital Workforce Transformation requires looking at the entire workforce differently to compete for the best talent and accelerate innovation. Reskilling your team is not enough. Workforce transformation requires a different way of working, a new environment, new career model, a new purpose, and a clear path to increase productivity and accelerate innovation.

Evaluate your current workforce’s strengths and weaknesses and identify talent gaps. Then make the aggressive move to start hiring and injecting new talent.



Without application and practice, the digital skills, behaviors, mindset and relationships we acquire will go untested and will soon be forgotten or abandoned. 

Create collaborative engagement models and move at the speed of a startup.

Build environments such as labs, alternative workspaces, and sandboxes that fuel innovation and collaboration.

The PwC Advantage

70% of all business transformations fail!

This is because most transformations introduce new complexity and require that people change their habits.

PwC Digital Services drives true digital transformation with the power of perspective.

Whether we are designing unique customer experiences that can help regain a company’s competitive edge or deploying new digital assets to increase efficiencies in the supply chain, we bring together elements of your business to drive results across your whole organisation.

We do this by working at the intersection of Business, eXperience, and Technology (BXT), which combines the best of PwC in a way that’s faster, more agile and more accountable for our clients, from ideas to results.


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Sudhir Singh Dungarpur talks about how digital has made the process of solving problems even more exciting and insightful.

The Power Of Perspective

BXT is a method used by PwC Digital Services that layers a diversity of skills and perspectives to drive digital transformation.



Knowledge to transform

  • Business Case
  • Capability Strategy
  • Operating Model
  • Process
  • Risk Management
  • Transformation Roadmap

Break down silos.

Remove the barriers. Raise the bar.

When the solution must be the size of your business and calls for complete change from boardroom to basement, we help you set the stakes and break down the barriers to transform your business. Transformation is no small feat, so we think and deliver big.



Imagination to create

  • Experience Assessment
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Touchpoint Mapping
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Experience Strategy and Design
  • Usability Testing

Unearth new value.

Forget optimising. Focus on revolutionising.

You don’t need another analysis of what others are doing; you don’t need a way to make incremental revisions on what already exists. We listen to you and the data to understand the unmet needs and desires, and see beyond improvement to revolution.



Commitment to deliver

  • Emerging Tech Evaluation
  • Technical Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Data Model / Visualisation
  • Prototype
  • Security and Privacy Plan

Make tomorrow.

Rethink what exists. Make way for what’s next.

Tomorrow isn’t on a one-year timeline, waiting to be perfectly crafted and unboxed, fully formed. What’s next is now; it’s about living in a state of “Think it. Build it. Ship it. Again.” You need a new way of doing, a way that consistently creates value. PwC Digital Services is a community of makers. We create; we re-think; we tinker - constantly!

Products & Services

The Experience Centre

The PwC Experience Centre is a physical manifestation of our BXT method and how we bring the full power of PwC to bear. The centre is a dynamic environment that enables us to bring together our diverse talent and accelerate how we take ideas to results.

The centre has the ingredients to create a customer journey that considers global views, industry-specific strategy, user experience strategy and the technology and integration to bring it to life. And then we work across the entire business transformation process including strategy, people, change management and organisational implications to make that change a lasting reality.

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Digital Fitness Assessment 

The Digital Fitness engine and associated app is based on leading academic research from PwC’s Katzenbach Center – experts in organisational, behavioural and cultural change – combined with over a decade of research on digital leaders.

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PwC's Digital IQ Survey for 2018 reveals the no-excuses way to win in a digital world
Cyber threats and speed of technological change among top concerns that keep CEOs up at night! 
Cyber threats and speed of technological change among top concerns that keep CEOs up at night! 
Cyber threats and speed of technological change among top concerns that keep CEOs up at night! 

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