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The influx of digital technologies and changing business models is changing consumer habits across platforms. Growth opportunities are immense for those who are harnessing the value of data, transforming operations and reaching the right customer at the right time.

By leveraging the right mix of innovation, experience, and technology, we bring forward solutions that bring convenience and differentiated experiences to your consumers by building customer centricity into your business operations, dynamism in your talent pool and also enabling governments to bring convenience and transparency to its citizens through smarter governance.

Our Offerings

Digital Office

Digital Office, a robust digital platform, is an electronic document management system bringing optimal efficiency and transparency in government offices by automating letter and file handling processes.

Government Citizen Collaboration Platform

GCCP, an integrated digital platform, enables citizens across geographies to participate in the governance process and contribute to the democratic process of ideation, feedback and engagement in policy formulation and execution.

Student Empowerment through Technology Utilisation

SETU is a unified, multi integrated SaaS platform that effectively manages the entire student lifecycle from university admissions, examinations to recruitment for government jobs.

Agency Productivity Enhancement and Experience Application

With detailed agent selection and on-boarding processes, it is imperative to manage the agents after they have been trained.  APEX is a solution through which agents always remain connected to all stakeholders – Mentor, Trainer & Expert.

Attrition Analytics

With attrition rates being a major concern for all organisations, Attrition Analytics solution aims to help organisations manage attrition strategically, by providing data driven answers to predict the probability of employee attrition at an individual level.

Capability of the future transformation platform

PwC’s pioneering platform for integrated leadership development that delivers a futuristic simulated experience for organisations to assess and build their future readiness.

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