Student Empowerment through Technology Utilisation

In line with today's digitally disruptive world, SETU re-engineers the whole process of the student lifecycle using technology.

The key objective of this solution is to bring the students, colleges & universities on a single digital platform through a centralized, efficient and transparent system.

SETU automates the different phases of a student life cycle from admission, attendance, examination, results till being an alumni. Its features include segments like user registration, application management, venue allocation, roll number generation to automating the whole recruitment process.

Student Empowerment through Technology Utilisation: Benefits and key modules

Key modules

Admin  Modules
Admin Modules
Student Benefits
Student Benefits
Recognition and Grievance
Recognition and Grievance
HRMS - PwC India
Examination - PwC India
Financial and Asset Management
Financial and Asset Management


  • Students/Institutes can apply from anywhere
Standardisation of processes
  • Enrolment, issuance of mark sheets, certificates, payments, etc
Ease of usage
  • Online applications and tracking of application with institutions
Consolidation of information at one place
  • Use of online repositories e.g. Certificates/Marksheet, Photo, Signatures etc.
Efficiency enhancement of the staff
  • Integration of services and platforms –Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform
Paper-less operations - Electronic Databases
  • All databases and information to be electronic, not manual
Convenience to students / guardians / officials
  • All notification(s) to Students/ Faculty through Email/SMS
Analytical Insights for insightful information visualisation
  • Role Based Insight, provides intelligence and information that are secured and relevant to the individuals
Real-time information dissemination to stakeholders
  • Analyse historical and current data, drilling from summary analysis to detailed reports & MIS

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