Digital and Emerging Technology

Rapidly changing business landscapes and the emergence of technology disruptions put organisations under increasing pressure to re-evaluate their business strategies.

More than strategy for any individual technology trend or for combining more than one of them, companies needs a systematic approach to engage with these technologies and choose relevant solutions for their businesses.

Using design thinking and unique BXT approach (Business Experience Technology) to solve problems, PwC offers solutions which are easy to integrate, yield results faster and are aimed at helping you navigate around these complexities that come along with the current digital wave.


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Our Offerings

Digital Assets Management Solutions

Digital Assets Management Solutions is a next-generation intelligent automation platform that delivers a single, unified system, software and interface for automating an enterprise's IT infrastructure, applications, and processes that includes monitoring, event handling, ticketing and remediation.

Digital Foundation Platform

Digital Foundation Platform from PwC is a unified, customisable and cost-effective application development platform that reduces the kick-off time of projects from months to mere minutes.

Asset Health Monitoring

Assets Health Monitoring application examines how an organisation can effectively apply predictive analytics to smart asset management to realize asset lifecycle cost reduction and improve the accuracy of their decision-making.


A decentralized, scalable, customisable peer-to-peer trading platform for renewable energy ensuring transparent trade using blockchain technology.

Digital Fitness App

Provides Digital Fitness score for your employee and how they compare against their department and organisation and a tailored learning plan is created based on their score.


Tabulate caters to your business’s accounting, GST compliance and financial management needs, enables the real-time internal audit of transactions and automates the accounting process thereby providing reliable and real-time actionable information through informative dashboards.

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