Finance Transformation

Convergence of technology and financial services presents challenges for the existing infrastructure, operations and business models. Today, CFOs need to do more with less while balancing risk with efficiency and enhanced performance. Ability to integrate and analyze data using automated processes is basic today for those who are keen to keep pace with their peers and stay competitive. Managing this digital upgradation with a solid process infrastructure is critical.

We aim to offer customer centric, low cost, easy to implement solutions for your business to enable you in being agile and more efficient. Using predictive analysis, robotic process automation, AI and machine learning, our solutions are designed to yield dramatic improvements in performance and efficiency.


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Our Offerings

Finance Intelligence Platform

PwC’s Finance Intelligence Platform— provides a command center to CFOs to track most important business results, review options for proactive business decisions, and initiate actions across value chain of the organisation. A comprehensive solution for your reporting & analytics needs.

Lead Enricher Cost Optimizer

LECO is an AI enabled platform that minimizes digital marketing costs and supplements sales through real time decision making. It is a robust lead nurturing engine that enables spend optimisation and enhances customer experience through augmented decision making.


PwC's Autonomous Broking Platforms engine uses decision making capabilities to perform actions like underwriting, account opening, etc. via public APIs. The engine also serves as a broker by connecting and integrating different ecosystem players through aggregator partnerships.


PwC's Lighthouse is a big data based digital GRC solution which assists Financial Services firms in unearthing risks within their organisations. The solution enables rapid automation of various audit/ risk/compliance processes and implement robust governance framework.

Fees & Charges

Cloud based solution to enable banks to analyze, validate and optimize card scheme costs via an Automated Card Scheme Charges tool. The tool uses historical card data, monthly invoices of card schemes, market benchmark data and analytical tools to analyze, validate and optimize the said charges.


A humanlike conversational platform to provide contextual insights to the right person, at the right time and through the user preferred delivery channel while maintaining data access control thus saving time, labor & money through answering ad hoc queries and reducing dependencies on data teams.

Early Warning System

An early warning system to help lending companies manage its loan account post loan sanction by pre-empting the probability of default and reporting any red flags.

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