Third Party Assurance

Today companies are increasingly integrated with third party suppliers, distributors and outsourced service providers. Though third parties offer leverage for companies to market products, propel sales and enhance customer service, with this leverage comes risk. Companies today are unware about the risk exposure related to the actions of their third-party providers.

PwC's Third Party Assurance solutions explore all angles of the business' ecosystem, thereby providing clarity so you can build trust. With the help of our team of experienced professionals and allied partners we help our clients manage their third party relationships and drive risk appropriate performance. Some of our service offerings in the TPA space are:

  1. Dealer / distributor reviews
  2. Customer service centre reviews
  3. Customer intimacy program
  4. Price protection reviews
  5. Affordability programs
  6. Vendor reviews
  7. Stock audit / physical verification
  8. Mystery shopping and stores audits

Our tailored approach in providing these services includes the following:

  • "As-is" assessments to assess current operational capabilities of dealers, distributors, service centres, suppliers etc.
  • Extensive use of data analytics to enhance audit coverage and focus on "risks that matter"
  • 360 degree approach to identify and mitigate risks related to both operations and legal compliances
  • Benchmarking against industry peers to implement the most efficient practice and policies
  • Individual store guidance and performance consulting
  • Rigorous program management and quality monitoring mechanism to ensure seamless delivery despite large volumes
  • Program structured to complete reviews in minimum time with no disruption to daily business activities
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