Internal Audit Services

Our approach combines the flexibility of resources with the experience required to deliver relevant and focused services in the area of internal audit, compliance, internal controls and risk management through the integration of technology and data analytics throughout the audit lifecycle.


PwC offers internal audit outsourcing solutions that add business and economic value to your organisation. Outsourcing services are offered employing the proprietary ‘hub-and-spoke’ model, designed to bring to you the right internal audit solutions relevant for your organisation. Our team armed with advanced technology and innovative techniques is capable of providing relevant insights, expertise and assurance aligned to your strategic needs.


Our co-sourcing teams play a critical role in  taking your in-house team to the next level by providing access to a broad range of skills, subject matter expertise and specialist insights. Our co-sourcing services provide the in-house team with enhanced assurance over the risks that matter. Co-sourcing tacitly also support you in developing your in-house staff’s potential through on-going knowledge transfer.

Strategic Sourcing:

PwC offers strategic sourcing solutions to strengthen the risk management capabilities in select risk areas identified by the management such as information systems risk management, root cause analysis, cost control, revenue assurance, etc. PwC works with you to develop programs that are tailored specifically to provide you the best solution. Strategic sourcing will support you in deploying our experienced resources for urgent, non-standard and business critical tasks.

Staff Augmentation:

Organisations that face a temporary resource crunch in the internal audit and risk management functions often turn to PwC to depute internal audit staff while you seek a suitable replacement. Staff Augmentation involves deputation of highly experienced PwC professionals to operate your functions for an agreed duration without any long term commitments.

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