Risk & Compliance

With dramatic changes in business environment, increasing regulations and emerging technology landscape, there is an ever growing need to respond to today’s new age risks.

With our years of expertise in forensic and cyber security and combining that with the proven technologies of our partners like Microsoft, we have redefined the contours of managing traditional risks and built products and solutions to tackle your risk, frauds & compliances issues.

We are offering end to end solutions to address the data and security challenges that businesses today are increasingly exposed to.


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Our Offerings

Proactive Risk Intelligence & Monitoring Solution

PRIMS is a fraud analytics platform based on advanced technologies like AI, NLP, expert insights, forensic intelligence and interactive dashboards aimed at identifying irregularities and anomalies in an organisation's business processes and controls.


Sirius is an intelligent information aggregation engine that scours the web, gathers and formats information, and prepares an automated report on the same with a preset level of intelligence. 

GRC Enforce Plus

GRC Enforce Plus is a market leading application suite that you may use to manage your firm's risk related activities and ensure user productivity through a systematic market checker process.

Business Risk Analytics and Insights Network

BRAIN is an automated internal audit and controls analytics solution that will enable your organisation in identification of red flags and control failures and mitigating risks.

Media Spend Assurance Analytics

An analytics solution to monitor and reconcile end to end activity on media planning, airing, billing and highlighting exceptions and helping you plug leakages on media spends.

Contract Compliance Analytics

An AI enabled digitised contract information abstraction and analysis tool enabling your organisation to accurately track and process contractual terms and conditions preventing revenue leakages and litigations.

Cyber Incident Responder Tool

PwC’s Cyber Incident Responder Tool aims to change the way we respond to a cyber incident. Its innovative approach ensures remote incident reporting and collection of evidence immediately after the cyber incident, way before the authorities are notified, insuring safe storage of this data for consequent analysis.

Cyber Maturity Assessment Tool

CMAT is a web based cyber risk and maturity assessment platform, comprising of ready-to-use templates, industry best practices and frameworks, enabling organisations to assess their cyber security capabilities vis-à-vis industry standards and peers.


Liveshield is an agent-based Endpoint detection and response tool (EDR), incorporating Machine Learning algorithms to analyze and baseline behaviors of each and every endpoint connected to it consequently killing any malicious activity or processes seen on machines.


Organisations usually have security solutions which filter the ingress traffic and activities. However threats which bypass these security measures continue to avoid detection. PwC Nethunt monitors the egress points of the network to ensure all threats to the network are detected.

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