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Creating business value by protecting your cyber-scape from strategy through execution

Typical queries that prod your mind

Identity and Access Management - Front

Am I aware, who has access to what resources in my ecosystem?

Identity and Access Management - Back
Identity and Access Management
Threat Vulnerability Management - Front

Is my ecosystem including your digital channels secure?

Threat Vulnerability Management - Back
Threat Vulnerability Management
Data Privacy and Protection - Front

Is my organization handling personal information and is that secure?

Data Privacy and Protection - Back
Data Privacy and Protection
Emerging Technology - Front

Am I geared up for securing upcoming technology?

Emerging Technology - Back
Emerging Technology
Managed Security Services - Front

How effective are my detection, prevention and response capabilities?

Managed Security Services - Back
Managed Security Services
Strategy and Governance - Front

How confident are my stakeholders in organization’s Cyber Security posture?

Strategy and Governance - Back
Strategy and Governance
Security Architecture & Engineering - Front

How current and resilient is my Cyber Security architecture?

Security Architecture & Engineering - Back
Security Architecture & Engineering
Cyber Forensics - Front

What are my Cyber investigation capabilities?

Cyber Forensics - Back
Cyber Forensics

Securing the future of business

Organisations looking to get back to business have to consider a completely altered reality which is very different from what experience has taught us till now. Businesses worldwide have dealt with this unprecedented situation by helping their workforce work from home (WFH)/work remotely and revamping their business continuity plans, among other steps. Many of these measures are not only point-in-time to deal with the current crisis, but also expected to continue in the post-COVID-19 future.

In our attempt to get back to work. it is imperative to secure the future of business.

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Enabling trust in a digital, data-driven world

As organizations pivot toward becoming digital, more data is generated exponentially and shared among organizations, business partners and customers. Digitization also exposes companies to new vulnerabilities, making effective Cyber Security more important than ever as every organization is at risk.

PwC’s SECURE approach

We at PwC follow D.O.T. (Design, Orchestrate, and Transform) methodology that drives S.E.C.U.R.E. (Strategize, Engineer, Calibrate, Unify Intelligence, Respond, and Engage) approach to protect your organization and address the most complex business imperatives. We’re leveraging the power of our global network to provide organizations with deeper, broader and timely expertise on evolving Cyber Security challenges from strategy to execution.

Cyber Security Challenges from Strategy to Execution Overview - PwC India
2021 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey

Sivarama Krishnan, APAC and India Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics Leader, shares his perspectives on the key findings from the APAC survey, with Charlotte Oldmeadow, senior manager in the Australian firm.

Duration: 00:05:28

Digital Trust - Engineering a secure digital society

Strategy and Governance

Align with business, prioritize investments and align security capabilities to navigate cyber security risks & compliance requirements leveraging robust strategy & governance frameworks.

Key Services:

  • Cyber Security Framework, and Program Transformation
  • Risk & Compliance services
  • Cyber Security Operating Model
  • Cyber Resilience
  • CISO as a service
  • Cyber Security Awareness Programs & Trainings
  • Cyber Security Maturity Assessments & Benchmarking
  • Standards & Certification Advisory Services

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Security Architecture & Engineering

Select, architect and implement security products to discover value of optimal solutions and to secure business ecosystem.

Key Services:

We provide services to help organizations strategize, architect, implement and optimize the following:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Application Security
  • Database Security

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Threat Vulnerability Management

Manage digital infrastructure attack surface, by identifying gaps, exploiting design flaws and assisting you in remedial actions to secure your ecosystem.

Key Services:

  • Vulnerability Scan and Assessment Services
  • Threat Modelling
  • IT & OT Infrastructure Exploitation Services
  • IT & OT Infrastructure Baseline Assessment
  • Application Security and Code Analysis
  • DevSecOps
  • Red Teaming

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Managed Security Services

Ability to detect, manage and respond to security incidents by leveraging our 24x7x365 Cyber Protection Centre (CPC) and active Threat monitoring services, Endpoint Detection Response, etc.

Key Services:

  • Cyber Security Operations Framework & Playbook Design
  • Managed Threat Detection & Response
  • Threat Intelligence Fusion & Collaboration services
  • Threat Hunting and Advanced Analytics
  • ​Compromise assessment
  • Decoy services
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Dark-web & Brand Monitoring services
  • User Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA)

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Cyber Forensics

Identify the root cause, nature, means and source of an incident to support as evidence for any legal action & breach support, through our forensic services.

Key Services:

  • Incident Response Management
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigations
  • Forensic Capacity Building (Lab, Trainings)

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Identity Management

Maintain secure access to applications and infrastructure, with risk based intelligent authentication and authorization processes and technology, including privilege identities.

Key Services:

  • Strategy & Architecture
  • Tool Selection & Implementation
  • Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)
  • Identity Analytics & Intelligence
  • Privilege Identity Management (PIM)
  • Access Management & Reviews
  • Managed Support Services (MSS)

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Data Privacy & Protection

Know your data, the handlers of data, protect exfiltration and penalties by complying to geographical, sectoral, business and regulatory mandates.

Key Services:

  • Privacy enhancing security services
  • Individual rights management services
  • Breach management services
  • Privacy assessment services
  • Personal data governance service
  • Contracts evaluation service
  • Privacy audit services
  • DPO as a service

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Emerging Technology

Embedding security controls into the design fabric of heterogeneous environment for Cloud, IoT, Operational Technology (OT)/ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)/ Industrial control system (ICS), Blockchain, IIoT, BOT, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Key Services:

  • Cloud Security Strategy, Implementation & Operations
  • Operation Technology (OT) Governance, Assessments & Operations
  • IoT Security Architecture Design
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Centers for impact

An integral blend of strategy, experience, design and technology expertise to support our clients.

This is where we co-create, incubate, prototype and test, and help our clients do a lot more than just dream about their future;  they can simulate it, prototype it, put it into their hands to test it, see how it's going to work first-hand, and then build it again.

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Our dedicated state-of-the-art Cyber Protection Centre (CPC) are hosted in Gurgaon and Kolkata. A part of Managed Security Services (MSS), CPC is a secure facility designed to maintain situational awareness.

Key highlights:
  • 100+ Seater facility equipped with video walls for eyes-on-glass monitoring
  • 24 x 7 x 365 days operations capability
  • ISO 27001 certified best-in-class center

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PwC’s Remote Managed Delivery Center (RMDC) is part of the Global Delivery Network, which is an important component of the PwC business strategy and the service provision optimization for our customers.

The delivery center offers extended back-end services across multiple domains, which include:

  • Strategy & Governance
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Identity management


Embracing the New Normal | Imperatives for SoC & Threat Hunters

Embracing the New Normal | Imperatives for SoC & Threat Hunters

Get insights from PwC experts on how to decode the evolving cyber threat landscape for organisations in India.

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Work from Home: Technology enablement and Cybersecurity

Cyber in perspective: COVID series | Cyber Challenges and Response

As organisations adapt to the "new normal" of remote working, cybersecurity becomes even more critical. PwC experts share their insights on how this transition can be managed better.

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Embracing the new normal: Securing work from home

Embracing the new normal: Securing work from home

A panel of PwC experts organised a virtual client roundtable discussion focusing on security considerations for organisations adapting to the new normal.

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Managing Cyber risks is akin to managing any other business risks; it requires trade-offs. In essence, proactively align your resources to mitigate attack likelihood and limit the damage within the boundary of your appetite.

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