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Our comprehensive cyber security services not only help businesses to assess, build and manage their cyber security capabilities, but also enable them to respond to incidents and crises.

Industry Focus

IT/ITeS & Other Service Organisation

In 1995, European Union issued a directive called EC 95/46. The directive was to be adopted by every country independently depending on their local practices. The European Commission has now decided to consolidate all country requirements/ practices into one single regulation which is called EU General Data Protection Regulation. The key difference between a directive and a regulation is that the regulation uniformly applies to all countries without any change.

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As healthcare companies outsource more business functions and connect their systems with hundreds of organisations across the healthcare spectrum, more parties get exposed to Personal Health Information (PHI) and the task of protecting it becomes more complex.

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Since 2010, Banks in India have rapidly adopted newer technologies and digital channels, with the underlying objective of increasing footprints and revenues. We have also seen customer preferences shift towards digital platforms.

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Industrial Control Systems

Operations technology (OT) is the term used in industrial operations and it comprised of control systems, networks and other industrial automation components that controls physical processes and assets. Control systems are at the heart of the nation’s critical infrastructures, include electric power, oil and gas, water and wastewater, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and chemical factories.

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Cyber security threats today have become increasingly sophisticated and complex. Organisations, however, have not been able evolve at the same pace. As they move ahead and embrace new technologies without fully comprehending the implications these have on the entire enterprise, they are rendering themselves susceptible to an array of cyber security threats.

In the wake of increased incidents and heightened regulations, corporations and government agencies are struggling to safeguard their data and networks; a push that is catalysing the growth of cyber security solutions and technologies.

PwC India provides comprehensive cyber security services, which not only help businesses to assess, build and manage their cyber security capabilities, but also enable them to respond to incidents and crises.

Our services

  • Strategy, governance & architecture
  • Active defence service
  • Security implementation
  • Threat & vulnerability management
  • Risk & compliance
  • Incident management
  • Managed services
  • Identity & access management


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