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As organisations become technologically mature, it makes them vulnerable to an increased attack surface and sophisticated cybersecurity risks. It becomes imperative for businesses to be armed with the knowledge of the shortcomings in their IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability management is one of the key aspects to deal with the resulting business risks of loss in revenue, reputation and productivity. Most organisations are grappling with the challenges to prioritise and remediate the most exploitable vulnerabilities. There is a need for a robust and efficient Vulnerability Management program which ensures risk-based coverage, quality of closures and rapid risk reduction across the IT landscape.

PwC’s proprietary platform Cyber Risk Insights (CRI) delivers efficient threat management leveraging business risk factors, context based risk scoring and integrated unified view to provide rapid closure of security vulnerabilities.

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Are you facing these challenges in your Vulnerability Management program?

Failure to prioritise closure of vulnerabilities
Lack of a unified view on vulnerabilities and associated risks
Resource intensive and time consuming
Poor patch management and remediation processes

Cyber Risk Insights helps you establish a forward-thinking Vulnerability Management program

Predictive analytics & interactive dashboards

Contextualised risk-based prioritisation enabled by threat models, exploitability parameters, external threat feeds and patterns from organisation specific landscape

Predictive analytics & interactive dashboards

Unified view across the landscape rendering holistic view of real-time vulnerabilities and helping visualise the risk movement across the organisation

Predictive analytics & interactive dashboards

Automated intelligent remediation to accelerate the entire vulnerability management program

Predictive analytics & interactive dashboards

Agility to integrate new processes to accelerate the discovery, communication and remediation



Feed ingestion to inhale scan reports from various well-known scanners (such as Nessus and Qualys) or to directly trigger security scans


Dashboard to provide a complete view of the organisation, infrastructure, application-wide risk tailored for VM analysts, asset owners and C-suite executives


Ticketing to prioritise and track closure status of vulnerabilities


Reporting to generate customisable reports that help users establish a better understanding of the persisting risks


Breach avoidance

Breach avoidance

Proactive closures reduces the cost from cyber incidents.

Manpower optimization

Manpower optimisation

Automation reduces the significant dependencies of human intervention and skilled resources.

Rapid risk reduction

Rapid risk reduction

Rapid closure of vulnerabilities help in reducing the business risk and impact to the organisation.

Increased visibility and focus

Increased visibility and focus

Dashboards provide a holistic, transparent picture and help management to take focused actions in a timely manner.

Streamlined automated processes

Streamlined automated processes

Integration and automation of processes streamline the entire vulnerability program.

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