Work flexibly and be tech-powered

We believe that flexibility fosters productivity… we care for your life beyond work

At PwC India, we understand the importance of maintaining work-life balance. And, of course, one size does not fit all. So whether you want to work from home, or you want to alter work timings, or you want to run a quick errand during work hours… the possibilities are many.

Flexibility is not only for your short-term needs, we also have long-term flexibility options like reduced hours—when you opt to work less than the standard working hours per week, retain your rating—when you want to stick to the performance rating that you received last year, and sabbaticals—when you want to take a break up to one year to meet your personal commitments.

Each of these flexibility benefits is backed with digital solutions that enable seamless collaboration opportunities to offer on-the-go connectivity. Today our people have anytime, anywhere access to self-service apps that allow them to stay virtually connected to the organisation at all times

We also are cognisant of the extra support that our people may need as they become parents, and we have robust maternity and paternity policies in place. Additionally, we also have special cab facility for expectant mothers - for the convenience of our women employees in their third trimester and full circle programme - when our women employees want to focus on their children while remaining connected to the organisation.

Focussing on the overall - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our people is very dear to us because we believe that it is only when you be well can you work well. From annual health check-ups to regular wellness initiatives to professional counsellors and 24x7 doctor on call facility, we are invested in your holistic wellbeing. All of this is available on your fingertips through mobile apps.

Fittingly, our motto is Be well, work well.

When we see a good job done, we say it!

We handpick the benefits that are best for our people – it’s the cornerstone that helps build our culture. Another important foundation of our culture is appreciation… we have a robust reward and recognition programme with monetary and non-monetary reward options. Our dedicated recognition suite is also available on your mobile device so you can appreciate a good job done real time and on-the-go.

Hear it from our people

Rushab Shah
Rushab Shah

Tax Regulatory Services

Just six months into PwC and I am already appreciating the flexible work culture here. When I joined PwC, I was informed that we can have most of the work apps on our phone and Google suite is integrated into the workplace. This allows me to have a really good life-work balance where I can do things on-the-go and do not need a laptop most of the times, this lets me be home with family on time and also work on important things wherever I want to. I have worked in a couple of companies and interned before but never had this kind of a work flexibility, I am happy to take work along with me where I go, it's convenient and safe.

Sumita Sarkar - Advisory at PwC India
Sumita Sarkar


I was happy to avail the sabbatical programme as a new mother. It helped me cope with the sudden lifestyle change and when I returned I felt more confident to take up professional responsibilities. PwC understood the needs at an inflexion point in a woman's life and now the firm feels like family. Being at PwC is not a job, it’s a long term relationship where I am confident to find avenues to balance work and other aspects of life.

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