The opportunity
By 2021, the annual Global Emerging Middle market will be 6 trillion USD.

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New value propositions
The customer of the Global Emerging Middle aspires for value beyond low cost.

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Innovative business models
Move beyond technology to reach your Global Emerging Middle customer.

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Shift in mindset
Build trust, create disruptive products and measure success differently.

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Capturing the Global Emerging Middle

Opening up over the next decade is a market with a spending power of over 6 trillion USD. A market growing in terms of consumer numbers, per capita income and aspiration. Such a market is coming of age.

Key report findings


Key perspectives

Shashank Tripathi describes the Global Emerging Middle.

Shashank Tripathi
India Strategy Leader
Tel: +91 22 66691002

Alastair Rimmer
Global Strategy Leader
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Tony Poulter
Global Consulting Leader
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