ReFServe – Reimagining Field Service

Customer expectations are ever increasing, and companies need to constantly be on their toes to keep up with this pace. All around the globe, companies realise that "getting closer to the customer" is crucial to growth. Both business buyers and consumers have more choices than ever before.

Reimagining Field Service (ReFServe) is a complete end-to-end application designed to optimise the day-to-day operations performed by technicians on field and contact centre executives to effectively resolve customer requests and complaints. From the first step of the customer logging a complaint, to the job being assigned to the appropriate technician, to obtaining customer feedback – everything is automated.


ReFServe aims to empower all the stakeholders of post-sales services – customers, technicians, contact centres and head office.

Do you have customer 360-degree view?

How efficiently is your inventory being tracked?

How do you track customer satisfaction?

We have the answers.

Better customer connect
  • Up-to date customer details
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
Streamlined operations
  • Real time optimisation for better resource utilisation
  • Reduced phone calls to store supervisors
Revenue enhancements
  • Reduced operational cost incurred frequent travel
  • Increase in AMC sales


Automated job registration and allocation
Automated job registration and allocation
Asset warranty tracking
Asset warranty tracking
Real time notifications to customers/technicians/contact centres.
Real-time notifications to customers/technicians/contact centres
Technician Reimbursement
Technician reimbursement
SLA tracking
SLA tracking

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