Careers in FinTech: An introduction

Author: Shekhar Lele

The FinTech segment has evolved rapidly over the last few years, with start-ups and other new market entrants offering innovative solutions and disrupting the entire financial services industry along the way. As a result, it has generated a lot of interest among job seekers, who are keen to pursue exciting roles in the FinTech space. In fact, it has become quite fashionable to showcase a stint in this space, be it a successful or not so successful one, in order to present a diverse career. 

Multiple avenues exist in the FinTech space which offer exciting opportunities to aspirants. A few of the noteworthy ones are: 

Start-up careers in FinTech, Product manager jobs in FinTech

Career avenues in FinTech

While the article provides an overview of opportunities available in the FinTech space, we will follow it up with a series of posts where we talk about specific skill set requirements to tap each opportunity.

Innovation at financial institutions (FI)

Since 2017, FIs have started perceiving FinTechs as partners rather than competitors, giving rise to a number of strategic partnerships with FinTechs. This throws up interesting opportunities for experienced programme managers who can drive hackathons and accelerator programmes and work with FinTechs to fuel the innovation stories of their organisations.

Exciting roles at FinTech start-ups

FinTechs differ from larger FIs in scale and approach, as do their responses to internal and external conditions. 

The roles at FinTech start-ups are aligned to meet a few specific success criteria of a typical FinTech firm:

FinTech cloud management professionals, FinTech sales jobs

Exciting roles driving a FinTech firm

Advisory: Innovation catalysts

Opportunities exist across the advisory space, including specific consultations with FinTechs and financial institutions to spearhead their innovation journey.

FinTech advisory

FinTech and innovation advisory

Accelerator programmes

Independent accelerators and those attached with technology companies provide a platform for mentoring FinTechs to help them transition to the next phase in their growth story. The mentors comprise a broad range of experts such as investors, subject matter experts from FIs and educationalists. Programme management at such accelerator programmes provides unique opportunities to understand the entire FinTech ecosystem.

Educational institutions

As FinTechs need to always remain on top of their game, leading educational institutions in the country have rolled out specific certification courses in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. This trend of management from FinTechs turning to institutes has helped carved out a niche and exciting sector in the educational space for seasoned educationalists to tap into.

We will discuss the key skill sets required for all the opportunities in the FinTech space in our subsequent posts in this series. Meanwhile, if there is any specific area that you would like us to touch upon, do write in to let us know. You can email us or leave a message in the dialogue box and we will be happy to help you.


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