Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be described as the augmented human intelligence. AI consists of “smart” technologies that can learn from their environments in order to assist and/or augment human decision making.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will utilize data to assist us with the many tasks that we currently do ourselves today and will be able to do things that we’ve never even conceived of before.


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Artificial intelligence

Uses tools and insights from many fields, including computer science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics, operations research, economics, control theory, probability, optimisation and logic.

Artificial intelligence

Techniques include natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, vision and pattern recognition, speech recognition and many others.

Artificial intelligence

Applied cross-industry to solve problems or make processes more efficient.

Our AI Core Capabilities

  • Machine learning & Deep learning
  • Natural language processing, understanding and generation (NLP, NLU and NLG)
  • Data at scale and live-streaming data analysis
  • AI Strategy & Applications


Artificial Intelligence is becoming ubiquitous intelligence with the ability to see, hear, speak, smell, feel, understand gestures, interface with your brain, and dream

  • Natural language
  • Audio & speech
  • Machine vision
  • Navigation
  • Visualisation

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AI is helping us do tasks faster, better and cheaper – Automated Intelligence; helping us make better decisions – Assisted & Augmented Intelligence, or even taking over what we do – Autonomous Intelligence

  • Knowledge & representation
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Reasoning
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

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Artificial Intelligence is equaling or surpassing humans in a number of other tasks – playing games, driving cars, recommendations (e.g., movies, books, finance, research)

  • Robotic process automation
  • Deep question & answering
  • Machine translation
  • Collaborative systems
  • Adaptive systems

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Business Lens

Metrics & Value Chain 

Intelligence Lens

Automated, Assisted, Augmented & Autonomous 

Data Lens

Structured vs Unstructured
Available vs Augmented

Technology Lens

Techniques, Tools & Platforms 

Enterprise AI – Area of focus

At PwC, we use business understanding, technology innovation and human insight to help our clients develop successful long-term strategies. Strategies that are in tune with a responsive, positive view of human society.

We believe in giving explainable AI, which, in other words, is called Responsible AI that integrates risk mitigation and ethical concerns into algorithms and data sets from the start. So, algorithms’ decisions are transparent or at least auditable.

Responsible AI both mitigates risks and helps all of your stakeholders benefit from your use of AI.

Responsible AI Framework

Source: PwC developed framework

Client Impact – AI Cases

Extracting adverse drug interaction from clinician notes, social media, and medical literature to enhance productivity and effectiveness (96% accuracy)

Monitoring of construction site completion status and asset tracking using deep learning decreased operational costs by 60%.

Gamification of Strategy resulted in the Auto Manufacturer evaluating over 200,000 go-to-market scenarios to launch their multi-billion dollar business units of ridesharing and autonomous vehicles. Won the Best Enterprise AI Alconics Award at the AI Summit.

Won the Best Enterprise AI Alconics Award at AI Summit

Gamification of Strategy resulted in the development of a digital advisor that simulates household level (128 million) financial data into the future, to enhance financial wellness.

Thought Leadership

Visit the Responsible AI website for further information on PwC’s comprehensive AI frameworks and toolkits. Access the free PwC Responsible AI Diagnostic Survey

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