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Benefit–adoption matrix

Maximising the benefits from an AI adoption effort requires correctly identifying the focus areas that the organisations should build capabilities in. We see industries falling into four categories when it comes to propensity to adopt AI and realisation of benefits.

Learners: Industries and firms in this region lag behind on both adoption of AI as well as benefit realisation and are still learning to scale up and deliver benefits. Companies in this region should focus on overcoming the inhibitors to realise full potential of AI.

Hi-pots: Industries and firms in this region have low adoption but have been able to drive significant benefits. The pilots have yielded a good RoI and they now need to scale these up to realise the full benefits. The focus needs to be on enhancing awareness about AI and removing misconceptions and inhibitions around widespread adoption across the organisation.

Challengers: AI solutions have almost become table stakes in these industries and are a bare minimum requirement to stay competitive. However, additional competitive advantage can be derived if the organisations implement innovative use cases or are able to derive greater value from existing use cases through improved implementations.

Champions: Industries or organisations in this category lead in terms of adoption, with high implementation rates coupled with high value realisation. These firms need to constantly look out for new use cases and technologies that keep them fit for future and help them tackle the threat of disruption from established peers and start-ups. 


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